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ForCASt: not good.

Posted by cathedralofshit on September 30, 2010

Word has reached the CoS editorial desk (back room, Subway, next to the Doritos boxes) from a current member of the board of the Contemporary Art Society. Not only has a ruck between Paul Hobson and Alison Myners been the catalyst for her leaving, but apparently several other board members are gearing up to follow her.
If CAS want CoS to find new board members, look no further. We can hook you up with some suitable candidates. Ekow Eshun’s free for example…

2 Responses to “ForCASt: not good.”

  1. horny church of venisons said

    David Miliband is free I think and the ghost of the man who invented segways.

  2. Brain Sewerr. said

    Contemporary Art Society are such a waste of time. Traipsing around Easrt London with a load of ladies who lunch but don’t care. I work in a gallery and when they ring to say they are bringing a group and can I talk to them about the (really awful) shows in our gallery round I feel like teling them “of course I can, it’ll be £100”.

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