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One Night in Turin

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 8, 2010

Reports in from this year’s Artissima curated (sorry, directed) by Francesco Manacorda… seems it went pretty well. That’s right, we can be nice. Strong works reported in programmes curated by the likes of Anthony Huberman and LUX and, err, some other people…

Winner of the Illy prize selected by Ann Demeester, Richard Flood, Polly Staple and Adam Szymczyk was Melanie Gilligan, who wins 10k and some coffee. Not really, she gets no coffee. She does get “the opportunity to submit a design for the “Illy Art Collection” of coffee cups designed by leading artists”.

Winner of the stand prize was fair newcomer catchily-named RaebervonStenglin with a booth by Karsten Födinger and Alexander Wagner.

Winner of most disappointing exhibition – the miserable Douglas Gordon and Jonathan Monk’s ‘bar’ at Galeria Sonia Rosso, which served only warm Guinness at a snail’s pace. At least they got one aspect of British service culture right – they seemed thoroughly inconvenienced by every customer.

5 Responses to “One Night in Turin”

  1. simon paul said

    Ah yes Lux – used to be the Film Co-op and helped anyone making and wanting to show experimental film now it is like an elite little club using tax payers dosh to promote a small coterie of hand picked artist. Shame

  2. Fumer said

    Polly Staple curated the Chiss show that MG was in, and then sits on the jury… mmmmm sucks me thinks…

  3. whitebait said

    The Lux is just one example – we are in period of incredible nepotism when a very small coterie of curators, dealers and gallerists decide which artists get promoted, sold and seen. Old timers will say that it was ever thus but it is worse now than it has been for a long time with the same old same old going round and round on a carousel of awards, prizes, art shows, etc etc.. Trouble is the only people who usually point this out are the lets get back to traditional painting tossers so they are easy to dismiss – but many of us are sick to the back teeth of the whole sleaze bag bunch

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