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Su sussudio, oh oh…

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 15, 2010

We enjoy the fashion efforts of the art world. But what’s a curator to do if he has a sartorial query? Why, ask your favourite men’s journal!

6 Responses to “Su sussudio, oh oh…”

  1. Iwona Blazwick said

    Is literally nothing going on in the art world at the moment? How long have you had this one in the “can’t even scrounge a story about Zab’s crap blog (incidentally the fact that she has officially incorporated it into her 176 web portal is surely prime for a piss take of some kind)” bin for it to be relevant. A – It’s been online for approx. thirty seven years and B – It’s a bit boring.

    • I don’t get this comment – are you telling us off for not writing about Anita’s blog but then telling us that it’s boring to write about Anita’s blog?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!
      We’re a bit slow at the moment. Pasty sales in the cold weather are THROUGH THE ROOF so we have to blog in between oven times.

  2. ps A – It’s funny. That’s why.
    B – You’re an idiot.

  3. Iwona Blazwick said

    A – Come on. It’s not.

    B – Yep. I am.

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