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Whut Whut Wullschlager….

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 16, 2010

Renowned hiphop impresario Jackie Wullschlager, who, before becoming head art critic at the FT, was CEO of Death Row Records and edited The Source, is at it again. Writing about painter Nathan Cash Davidson, she praises his evocation of ‘rap rhythms, video remixes, graffiti and Gameboy metamorphoses’. Pretty street, right? You’d almost forget she wrote a biography on Chagall. Oh, but then she goes and spoils it all by mentioning Kitaj.

The show she is blurbing – sorry, reviewing – is at Parasol Unit next month. It’s titled ‘Artist Prodigy and Rap Star’ and the press release (from Hannah Barry’s almer mater Bolton and Quinn) mentions that Nathan IS ONLY 22 approximately 468 times. Did we mention that he’s is represented by Hannah Barry? Which might just make this combination of two of London’s worst galleries the unholy alliance we’ve all been waiting for. It’ll be like the end of Indiana Jones where the Nazis open the Arc of the Covenant and loads of ghosts and lasers fly out. But with Wullschlager playing perennial hypeman.

8 Responses to “Whut Whut Wullschlager….”

  1. Frank Dunphy said

    More shit painting from Peckham…you surprise me

  2. Rajoy said

    That really is shit

  3. someone said

    Apparently Jackie W owns a few works by Nathan, in a nice no conflict of interest way

  4. Georgina Adam said

    Jackie’s at it again! Writing about hiphop in the FT today: She’s the new Benzino.

  5. hazza bazza said

    Gonna get merked! o_0

  6. Georgina Adam said

    omfg. wullschlager dedicates another 10,000 words to the boy genius:

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