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bald fat man blinks quickly

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 27, 2010

The blink test: blink too slow and you look like Ed Milliband talking about his sincere love for his brother; blink to fast and you look like Alan Davey trying to avoid answering for who’s responsible for spunking loads of taxpayers cash on The Public. Scroll forward to the bit in around 11:20 to hear the blustering excuses.

3 Responses to “bald fat man blinks quickly”

  1. We all told them that The Public, or ever the f**k it was called at the time, wouldn’t work, repeatedly. Assessment after assessment. No one ever listened, so eventually we gave up.

  2. Martin Fnarr said

    On the official the public site:


    Sorry! There are no exhibitions that meet your selection criteria.


    Cathedral of shit… please support the occupation of the slade school of fine art in opposition to the anti-intellectual culling of the arts and humanities

    Occupation started today at 5 pm

    Our statement and demands are here

    thank you

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