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Previously unRED…

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 8, 2010


Erm. Haven’t we seen this one of a kind party theme SOMEWHERE before?

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One Night in Turin

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 8, 2010

Reports in from this year’s Artissima curated (sorry, directed) by Francesco Manacorda… seems it went pretty well. That’s right, we can be nice. Strong works reported in programmes curated by the likes of Anthony Huberman and LUX and, err, some other people…

Winner of the Illy prize selected by Ann Demeester, Richard Flood, Polly Staple and Adam Szymczyk was Melanie Gilligan, who wins 10k and some coffee. Not really, she gets no coffee. She does get “the opportunity to submit a design for the “Illy Art Collection” of coffee cups designed by leading artists”.

Winner of the stand prize was fair newcomer catchily-named RaebervonStenglin with a booth by Karsten Födinger and Alexander Wagner.

Winner of most disappointing exhibition – the miserable Douglas Gordon and Jonathan Monk’s ‘bar’ at Galeria Sonia Rosso, which served only warm Guinness at a snail’s pace. At least they got one aspect of British service culture right – they seemed thoroughly inconvenienced by every customer.

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What have we missed…?

Posted by cathedralofshit on November 4, 2010

We’ve received a remarkable number of emails telling us what we’ve missed. Okay, four, but here is a small rundown.

Apparently ten thousand students came on the first day of Frieze, upsetting some gallerists in the process. Which dealer threatened an A-level student with something approximating genital mutilation if he touched a work again?

Which dealer (and not one you’d expect) got thrown out of the White Cube party for being caught in the toilets with half a pound of art fair marching powder, a young impressionable artist and an art hack?

We also heard…
– apparently there are some arts cuts. It doesn’t bother us, we’ve put a funding application to AnZab and Outset. We’re bound to be successful. If we are we’ll try UBS.
– Hauser and Wirth opened a project space on Savile Row. It’s a modest addition to the London art landscape.

What else did we miss? Anyone go to FIAC?

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Posted by cathedralofshit on November 3, 2010

It’s true, we’ve been away. A hiatus, or holiday for the hardworking CoS staffers. When our ‘Charlie’-like secret boss figure asked us when we wanted to take a break we took the opportunity to leave town whilst Frieze was on.
It seems, from the high-tech blog visitor number counter, that we’ve had as many hits as when we haven’t posted. Seems a little unfair. But we aren’t taking the hint.

We missed you.

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Posted by cathedralofshit on November 3, 2010

I’m still in love with you….

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