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Hate Britain

Posted by cathedralofshit on December 2, 2010

What is going on at Tate Britain? It used to be a place to escape to away from all that worthy film, dull performance, and the grey monotony of Juan fucking Munoz and Miroslaw Balka that the tourists love downstream.
Seems however that the new boss at Milbank has taken against contemporary art. Since taking the job and declaring her intention to show contemporary British art in ‘real depth’, Penelope Curtis has scrapped the Art Now gallery and dispatched the Turner prize to Antarctica, er… I mean Baltic… somewhere even colder than here anyhow. We’re told it will come back in 2013 but then, in 2014, go to Derry which is essentially in another country, where the term ‘Britain’ and ‘British’ are not exactly universally celebrated (although they love their Gormley as much as Gateshead love theirs). What was it that turned her? Lack of money? Fear of scaring away corporate investment and Tory patronage? The Harry Potter generation of revolting students camped on her steps the other week? Or a desire for Tate Britain to be as irrelevant to British Art as the Henry Moore Institute was to the study of sculpture?
What has she got to replace it? No blockbusters she promises, but we’re suspicious. What’s going on with the 2012 Olympic tie-in show from Damien Hirst (that no-one but Serota wants). Will it be sent back up river from Bankside? Please God no.

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