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Not me, guv.

Posted by cathedralofshit on December 2, 2010

I imagine that you may be tired of hearing about Ekow Eshun’s adventures at the ICA, but stay with us a moment…
Here’s an extraordinary piece of attempted sympathy-gathering.

It contains a rather unbelievable paragraph:

“…He became executive director in November 2009, but the ‘perfect storm’ blew up well before then. ‘Did you have financial responsibility for the ICA when everything went wrong, from October 2008 to October 2009?’ … Eventually he says, ‘No.’ Was it you who hired 110 people to work for the ICA? ‘No.’ Well, I ask, why are you getting the blame?…”

It is basically saying that while he was co-directing the ICA with the Managing Director (Guy Perricone, who left in October 2009) he had no responsibility for the budgets or hiring at the organisation. This is an extraordinary claim, and simply not true.

Interestingly though, it seems that when Ekow gave this interview he broke the terms of his ‘negotiated exit’ agreement with the board, which included a clause about consulting with them about statements to the press. So he has now been given his marching orders by the new chair, and it sounds like he will now be leaving much earlier than the March date that had been agreed as part of the golden handshake.

Bye Ekow! Thanks for the memories!

5 Responses to “Not me, guv.”

  1. David Jones said

    So you claim no responsibility for the appalling finances or the hiring (and firing) of staff ah but the crap programme is all yours. Credit where credit is due

  2. Not Guy Perricone said

    what a load of bollocks. he hired all of the staff, in particular 2 senior directors he knew from his meeja days, who had no absolutely no relevant experience; they both sold advertising space for trendy magazines prior to Ekow employing them at the ICA on vast salaries to head up fundraising and marketing respectively. He’s got the best office in the building. He knew all about every financial decision that was taken – he was the fucking director! what a twat.

  3. Not Guy Perricone said

    My comment on his office based upon extract from article:

    “Ekow (pronounced Echo) occupies, I note, modestly for a big spender, a rather small room among many magnificent Beau Nash salons he could have chosen for his office”.

    For “rather small room” read: large, high ceilinged Regency office with huge balcony overlooking St James Park and views of the London Eye – the best office in the building.

    The entire article is made up of complete falsehoods.

  4. Apparently his desk has already been cleared, and staff told that he’s ‘sick’. That’s one way of putting it. He’s reportedly also been seen in a St James’s Park headhunting agency, speculatively seeking board positions.

    *CoS- Guy Perricone has asked us to point out this isn’t him. Which of course we know, but, there we are.*

  5. Pie Gerricone said

    It was a whining article in whcih Eshun abdicated all responsibility and it was all everyone elses fault. How can anyone take him seriously? He’s a snivelling, self agrandising, idiot.

    Clearly, he is not a person who can manage a team, let alone an institution and I think the meedja and arts industries should be wary of ever employing him again.

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