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We Were NOT Imagining This

Posted by cathedralofshit on December 5, 2010

I feel we may have posted this before? It’s like someone turned up at a party, went straight to the uncomfortable blokes in the kitchen, stopped their conversation about real ale, and asked them to make a music video.Hmmm.

7 Responses to “We Were NOT Imagining This”

  1. iloveseppblatter said

    so toe-curlingly painful it makes you think you foot binding was back in fashion (probably is in Dalston) Is that what happens when you advertise for band members in the Frieze classifieds?

  2. artist said

    ironic i went to artschool with sam cameron at the university of the west of shit now the torys are cutting the lifeblood to artists. im more successful than that cow and sold loads of work including
    internationally. ive taught aswell your total preoccupation of the status of the slade is very funny
    making land gul installations and dining out on the colleges name learn to paint all of you.
    the london obsession i find disturbing although most of my art is hanging there cant stand dulston absolute craphole you would say upandcoming yes so is middleborough and hull. you will have to get jobs
    aswell the delusion of london will fade when you get your dreadlocks cut off and work in a call centre or
    teaching job or nervous breakdown

  3. Jeremy's Iron said

    seems like the CoS demographic is really broadening – in light of this I’d like ‘Artist’ to be a guest reporter please, he/she has the unique approach to the art world, punctuation and spelling that’s been missing from your features. Perhaps a review of some land gul installations in upandcoming Dulston?
    No way i’m cutting off my dreadlocks though.

  4. JJ Charlesworth said

    They look like a bunch of curating students.

  5. Indi said

    oh god. two things: does red sweater guy actually dance like that? and blue sweater guy take the dead animal off of your head it is starting to smell.

    also, Artist’s comment made my fucking day. thank you.

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