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Posted by cathedralofshit on December 9, 2010

“Education is a privilege, not a right.” Sure about that Susan?

Funny how a bunch of students and their tutors managed to easily get on TV from inside the Tate whilst the Stuckists were stuck outside… in their usual spot.

4 Responses to “Oopsy.”

  1. post it said

    What is it about contemporary galleries? You take something half decent like a woman singing an old folk song in a nice untutored way and then shove it in a big white cube with two odd looking black speakers set against the acres of white walls, add a minimal hard bench for the punters to sit on and squeeze every last drop of life out of the thing. It is bollocks really….

    • SpammyDavisJnr said

      I nearly thought you where going to blab ‘ a five year old could have done this”. Phew.

      • post it said

        Yep got you going there – but this wasn’t the old ‘is it art’ chestnut but rather a look at the way the gallery can kill almost anything you bring in to it.

  2. She meant well though eh?

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