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black don’t crack

Posted by cathedralofshit on December 16, 2010

Yes we all know that the Coalition are terrible bastards who are going to butt-rape the the innocent little public art sector. But when we read nonsense like this asking us to share our thoughts on intercultural dialogue “with funding from the Cultural Leadership Sector Networks Programme of Arts Council England” you wonder if our friend Jezza Hunt is actually onto something.

We invite you all out there to share your thoughts on intercultural dialogue with Visiting Arts who are now holed up in the back offices of the ICA in some sort of coalition of the losers. Send your thoughts to

2 Responses to “black don’t crack”

  1. CAP said

    The words ‘intercultural dialogue’ are a laxative for me.

    ‘Cultural Leadership Sector Networks Programme of the Arts Council of England’ actually accomplishes the same thing in the very time it takes me to read them.

    Why anyone would want to comment on four pathetic little tracts published anonymously on their site dedicated to death-by-political-correctness escapes me.

    What is culture, anyway?

  2. Jeremy Chunt said

    Wait a minute, would that be the same Venu Dhupa who predicated the skills of our good friend Mr Eshun in bringing a sledgehammer to the British Council’s art department, with a switch from art programming to a focus on ‘modern pioneers’ and climate change? No please, lets hear more from this prophet of policy enlightenment.

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