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Not Rob Pruitt’s Art Awards

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 5, 2011

You may or may not have noticed that Rob Pruitt’s annual vanity ‘parody (honestly it’s a parody, please believe us! It’s KNOWING)’ Art Awards have taken place again, and it’s been a while since we been accused of being bitter/hypocritical/idiotic/bastards, so it’s also time for ours.
We’ll give you a couple of days to email or comment in to these finely crafted subjects – remember it’s – and we won’t divulge any identities. Promise.

Your nominations, please.

The Bill Viola Worst Artist Award 2011

Award for the Most Irrelevant Hans Ulrich Obrist Project

Award for the Worst Collaboration

Award for the Most Tedious Website

The “They Got HOW MUCH?” Award for the Least Deserving of Revenue Funding

The “Ooooh, Poor Show Old Bean” Award for the Worst Gallery

Award for the Best Culture Minister

Heinz Beans Award for the Best Blog

Most Desperate Austerity Measure Award

The Non Event of the Year Award

The “Erm, This Is Embarrassing, I’ve Never Actually Been There” Gallery Award

The International Award for the Most Pointless Human Being.

We look forward to your numerous and swift responses.

3 Responses to “Not Rob Pruitt’s Art Awards”

  1. Dermot Reeve said

    In all categories.
    Happy New Year Cathedral you angry dogs of war

  2. I am honoured to be nominated, even if I find my fellow nominee to be the second most odious man in Britain, after David Cameron.

  3. said

    I went to college with one of those rich twats is he still vying for attention he is not odious just a lost rich boy in the shadow of his sister.

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