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Roll Up, Roll Up!

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 7, 2011

There we were innocently flicking through the jobs pages of Construction News when we were alerted to the splendid opportunity to tender for the running of that major visitor attraction, Anish Kapoor’s ‘AcceleratorMittal Orb’:

Fancy running the ticket booth, security guards, gift shop and earphones with increasingly paranoid-sounding tabla music to accompany you on that ascent up the tower? We certainly do! We want a lovely gift-shop that will sell mini AcceleratorMittal Orbs for a tenner and those weird limited edition splodge prints that Kapoor churned out a few years ago for twenty quid a pop. We also want ‘Action Man Anish’ figures wearing a cape and disappearing into his orb and also a profound experience of desolation and emptiness available for thirty quid. We also plan to stock t-shirts with amusing slogans like “Fuck off Gormley I WON” and “Who’s Sari Now Antony?” (both available only in extra large sizes for 3 quid each).

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