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Independent, woah man.

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 10, 2011

It’s just 2 months until the second edition of New York’s successful ‘Independent’ fair – the art fair which stole swept up a number of defectors from the Armory, alongside those galleries who never deigned to participate in the first place. The information regarding who has been accepted is out and about, though not actually on their website as yet.
A more concrete information leak is the method selectors Darren Flook and Elizabeth Dee are using to select galleries – two individual and rather different approaches. Apparently Dee likes to make a spreadsheet of pros and cons, giving all the galleries’ artists a score of 1-5 based on quality, quantity of solo shows, number of years since graduation and frequency of biennale participation, then averages the scores and plots them on a useful line graph, colour-coding to highlight the discrepancies.
Flook however, well, he’s been seen with a dog-eared list, and one of these.

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