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We Three Kings

Posted by cathedralofshit on January 11, 2011

We received some superb Christmas cards over the festive period, and have resisted the strong urge to scan and post images of gallerists and their wives and children frolicking in snow/at the wheel of Daddy’s Bentley/on the Eames furniture in their Aspen winter home… We’ve been VERY VERY restrained.
This, however, deserves to be out in the world. When you look at this picture, consider this – WHERE are they? And if they are indeed where it looks like they are (an art storage unit), then why are they in their pyjamas?
Was Simon de Pury’s child born in a lowly cattle-shed art handling unit?

One Response to “We Three Kings”

  1. CAP said

    Rosemary’s Baby.

    Oh and you’re right it is me. No more curried eggs for breakfast…

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