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Not seen, but heard.

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 27, 2011

Artforum’s Scene and Herd seems to have forgotten who its readership is. Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and Jeff Hassay, for you, forty lashes.

“All the while, Jeffrey Deitch fluttered about the room like a bespectacled moth, looking softly into peoples’ souls for a flicker of flame, a pleasant quarter-smile fixed on his face.”

“Diane Von Furstenberg glided through the eye candy, lifted by the airy waves of her coiffed frizz and donning conspicuously large sunglasses, at once perfectly fitting into the crowd and popping out like a calico cat in a room full of albinos.”

“The sexual tension in the room was so palpable you could wrap it in lettuce, dunk it in soy sauce, and take a big, crunchy bite out of it along with the other appetizers”

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Fools Gold

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 27, 2011

Sean Pertwee (Classic FM voiceover stalwart), the pub landlord from the Albion in Islington, and James Golding have opened a new gallery in Soho. That’s the same James Golding from the Leonard Street Gallery, that ran off with thousands of charity cash as well as not paying their artists. He seems to be going under the clever pseudonym of ‘Gold’.

Amazing how short some people’s memories are.

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Some things…

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 24, 2011

Just two things.

1) GAG! A Ged Quinn goes for £190,000 at auction. Probably because of his incredible extensive exhibition history. Oh, what – only shown at his gallery, Wilkinson? Hmm.
It also seems he is no longer on Wilkinson’s roster… curious. Get thee to Sotheby’s, Anthony, quick!

2) HUM. Karla Black has left Mary Mary. But despite the chat about her closing, seems The gallery is going nowhere.

That’s all.

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12 Easy Steps

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 24, 2011

Although the ICA was founded in order to bring diverse groups together, Gregor Muir has, we are told, decided to introduce a bit of hierarchy with a private members bar. No real surprise from this ‘curator’, blue chip ‘dealer’, popular novelist and drunk who was once invited by Jens ‘no ideas’ Hoffmann to transform the crap gallery into an east end pub.

If the ICA gets ‘refunded’ by the Arts Council, as it inevitably will, does this mean ACE money will be paying for GM’s leather chair and pipe? Not on our watch! (so how do we become members?).

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Uzi 16 millimetrrrrrrre…. help needed.

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 22, 2011


Dear Friends,

I’m forwarding a copy of a letter from Tacita Dean, who’s trying to
co-ordinate an effective response to the news that Deluxe are stopping
16mm printing at Soho images.

As she makes clear, we need an International response, with as many
film makers/producers, artists, galleries, Industry heads, curators…
as we can get. Please use your networks to spread the word, so we can
emphasise the importance of keeping the 16mm lab running, or,
alternatively, try and encourage the establishing of some alternative

If you wish to sign the letter or be involved please email me back (
directly, as we are helping to compile the list of supporters for the
letter. This is to avoid Tacita being overrun with mail. You will
then be updated on any further developments.

Many thanks and best wishes



Dear All,
As I imagine you all probably know by now, the take-over of Soho Images by
Deluxe has lead to the decision last week to stop 16mm print with immediate
effect. I was in the lab on Thursday & Friday last week with Len when he was
told he couldn’t take any more orders.
Anyway, I don’t think we should let this happen without making some noise.
I’ve been told there isn’t a hope in hell of shifting the decision locally
and that we have to go higher and to the US, so I’ve gone to extremes and
already made contact with Thelma Schoonmaker (ie hopefully Scorsese) and
written to Spielberg!!
But our real hope perhaps lies in taking the argument away from the cinema
industry. The owner of Deluxe is Ron Perelman, an unsavoury US businessmen
who has made his fortune buying up companies and stripping them of their
assets. He is also, or has been, a patron of the arts. Through the
Guggenheim, I’m hoping to get a letter to him with many co-signatories – so
far: MOMA, the Whitney, hopefully the Tate and as many artists, filmmakers,
institutions and galleries we can muster. This is where I need everyone’s
help. We need to get this list together as soon as we can, so please anyone
who can be informed and who is happy to sign or contribute, please for the
moment let me know (through yourselves so I don’t get inundated with
I am writing an article for The Guardian, and have also been in contact with
the NY Times. We have to take this argument over the pond.
The decision, of course, is cultural rather than financial. Len said they’re
backed up with work but to the cinema industry execs, 16mm printing is time
taken away from feature work and feature work is all that counts.
Failing to get them to reverse the decision, we must try and finds a means
to at least get more time. In the end, we will probably need to set up, what
is now being called “a boutique laboratory”, possibly with the BFI, and the
best hope is that Deluxe work with us in pursuit of this and not against us
(ie not trash the equipment).
Best wishes,

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salsify me needs bitch

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 22, 2011

And hot on the heels of last week’s exclusive news that the Rochelle School was to stay open, this week’s exclusive that it is in fact going to, erm, shut, meaning that various under-employed members of the art world won’t be able to indulge in their love of competitively priced seasonal greens with their lamb broth. A plaintive message here says that Tower Hamlets Council have refused the modestly named “Canteen” a licence on various grounds including, rather tantalisingly, anti-social behaviour. Given that this is just round the corner from such civilised locales such as Beach Blanket Babylon and The Sports Bar, it stretches the imagination to try and work out what all the diners have been doing. Perhaps Margot needs to get some strippers in there to fit with Tower Hamlets vision for the area?

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Art Stars?

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 16, 2011

We admit we’re a little harsh on UK television art critics (and those who pretend to be), but the worst of the UK’s ‘talent’ pales into insignificance when up against THIS WOMAN, Nadja Sayej. Watch just three of these videos and see artists trying to work out how the fuck to get out of there as fast as possible. We defy you not to carve out your own eyes. A particular favourite is the Bob Gober video.
We advise all of you now – go to your database, find her, and delete her. Now. Before you forget.

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A Foundation

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 15, 2011

After a past peppered with drama and financial ‘mishaps’, the A Foundation is to close its doors on Liverpool. The (rather slow) realisation that studio buildings don’t really make a profit, or even pay for themselves, has led to the end of projects, commissioning and studio lets under the A Foundation banner.
It’ll be a sad loss for Liverpool, and one seemingly not even related to the cuts… But Londoners! Worry not! They are keeping Rochelle School in Shoreditch open – so you can still have a nice (if slightly overpriced) lunch if you are in the area.

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BIesenbach Watch

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 11, 2011

Klaus, I have missed you.

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Posted by cathedralofshit on February 11, 2011

And here’s another piece of vitriol!

We realise we have no readers yesterday because you were all at the much-hyped RSA’s ‘State of the Arts’ conference featuring such art world luminaries as Alan Davey and erm, Gloria De Piero. Ed Vaizey’s was there as well and Julia Peyton-Jones took a day off from her punishing schedule. And other really well known folk like Baba Israel and Gavin Stride mde speeches (no, we haven’t made these names up). But here in The Joiners the CoS team are asking: does it really take seven hours, several discussion panels, a “cultural question time” and lots of shaking fists and angry proclamations of “We’re not cash machines or robots!” from Arts Council representatives before they break down weeping uncontrollably to work out answer to what the State of the Arts is? Because surely the answer to this burning question is “fucked”? Just a thought. Over to you Ed!

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