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Gamekeeper turned Poacher Joker

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 1, 2011

Will Gompertz was formally the Director of Tate Media before leaving last year when he was inexplicably appointed as the Arts Editor of the BBC. His ‘big story’ on the BBC last week was that Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds at Tate Modern had lead paint on them and thus, if walked upon, could produce clouds of toxic dust. Given that the Tate stopped people from walking on them in the first week of their display and that the levels of lead are insignificantly low this is of course of no interest or concern to anyone. Was Gompertz really trying to cause the Tate trouble or was it simply a crass piece of double speak doing his former colleagues a dubious favour by giving the Tate a big TV ad and suggesting that they were a bit dangerous. More Gompertz idiocy from the CoS archive here:

4 Responses to “Gamekeeper turned Poacher Joker”

  1. Matthew Slotovers said

    come on COS, your posts lately are a bit on the dull side.. MUST TRY HARDER.. think you have lost your edge

  2. Bloop said

    The guy’s a dick.

  3. gomp gomp gomp said

    I often find myself thinking: “I wonder what will gompertz’ house smells like”

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