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Muir money, Muir problems…

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 3, 2011

Mixed responses to the appointment of Gregor Muir as the new guvnor of the ICA. Whilst his fundraising skills and connections from Hauser and Wirth will no doubt be useful, his curatorial track record is somewhat inconsistent. See THIS vs THIS.

News has reached the delicate ears of CoS that Mr Muir has commenced his reign at the ICA by ditching anything in the pipeline – even whilst one of the artists from the forthcoming group show was in London making a site visit…

7 Responses to “Muir money, Muir problems…”

  1. Fumer said

    The not so quiet whisper is that it will be all one person shows… Starting with Pablo Bronstein…


  2. Look back in anger said

    You mean my show is off – the one I worked so hard for damn you Gregor Muir. But seriously why is it everyone who takes over at the ICA feels the need to do a scorched earth policy. London is awash with former ICA staff who left following the appointment of one or other of the last 4 or 5 directors

  3. apeshit said

    Has anyone heard that Mary Mary has gone bust? I heard she owes loads to the artists and cant pay up. hope its first of many

  4. d said

    yes lets hope lots of small innovative galleries promoting emerging artists go bust. boo if she cant pay the artists though

  5. mirandas said

    those shows seem to have an identical curatorial approach. and what ‘fundraising’ skills might those be?

  6. Echo and the Bunnymen said

    Anyone remember that terrible ‘Assuming Positions’ show he did at the ICA in ’97? It had a film of Jarvis Cock’, some photos by Katy England (wife of Bobby Gillespie) and a Tango ad. Gregor knows his shit.

    Got an email from MaryMary this morning. She’s still going strong although Karla Black seems to have dropped off the page. Apeshit is right of course – terrible that these galleries are doing interesting shows and allowing artists to make a living.

  7. apeshit said

    i hate all they fucking galleries.. kill them all..

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