Cathedral of Shit

has taken a well earned GAP year


Posted by cathedralofshit on February 11, 2011

And here’s another piece of vitriol!

We realise we have no readers yesterday because you were all at the much-hyped RSA’s ‘State of the Arts’ conference featuring such art world luminaries as Alan Davey and erm, Gloria De Piero. Ed Vaizey’s was there as well and Julia Peyton-Jones took a day off from her punishing schedule. And other really well known folk like Baba Israel and Gavin Stride mde speeches (no, we haven’t made these names up). But here in The Joiners the CoS team are asking: does it really take seven hours, several discussion panels, a “cultural question time” and lots of shaking fists and angry proclamations of “We’re not cash machines or robots!” from Arts Council representatives before they break down weeping uncontrollably to work out answer to what the State of the Arts is? Because surely the answer to this burning question is “fucked”? Just a thought. Over to you Ed!

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