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Art Stars?

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 16, 2011

We admit we’re a little harsh on UK television art critics (and those who pretend to be), but the worst of the UK’s ‘talent’ pales into insignificance when up against THIS WOMAN, Nadja Sayej. Watch just three of these videos and see artists trying to work out how the fuck to get out of there as fast as possible. We defy you not to carve out your own eyes. A particular favourite is the Bob Gober video.
We advise all of you now – go to your database, find her, and delete her. Now. Before you forget.

8 Responses to “Art Stars?”

  1. jessica stockholder said

    she is a total fuck puppet.

  2. Jeremy Chunt said

    Yeah eew. In these most troubled times there can be no greater threat to the sanctity of integrity than this puerile temptress of vacuity.

  3. post it said

    Kind of like an art wold Claire Baldwin

  4. erm said

    well she has excellent norks.

  5. said

    All the grating stupidity of Gallery Beat with none of their charms, but I must say, the Douglas Coupland bit was kind of funny.

  6. CAP said

    She’s a bit like Waldemar J actually.

  7. anon said

    i would like to see her interview Nathan Cash Davidson.

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