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salsify me needs bitch

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 22, 2011

And hot on the heels of last week’s exclusive news that the Rochelle School was to stay open, this week’s exclusive that it is in fact going to, erm, shut, meaning that various under-employed members of the art world won’t be able to indulge in their love of competitively priced seasonal greens with their lamb broth. A plaintive message here says that Tower Hamlets Council have refused the modestly named “Canteen” a licence on various grounds including, rather tantalisingly, anti-social behaviour. Given that this is just round the corner from such civilised locales such as Beach Blanket Babylon and The Sports Bar, it stretches the imagination to try and work out what all the diners have been doing. Perhaps Margot needs to get some strippers in there to fit with Tower Hamlets vision for the area?

4 Responses to “salsify me needs bitch”

  1. Manky Kelly said

    I don’t think the locals approve of the imbibing of alcohol.

  2. Pole Dancer said

    Those artists disgust me and my colleagues.

    “The first lap dance is for free”

  3. rochelle canteen said

    The Canteen hasn’t applied for an alcohol licence – this is about planning, about being able to let people in who don’t actually work in Rochelle School.

  4. flinge said

    Actually why don’t they turn it into a soup kitchen? There are plenty of homeless people around Arnold Circus.

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