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12 Easy Steps

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 24, 2011

Although the ICA was founded in order to bring diverse groups together, Gregor Muir has, we are told, decided to introduce a bit of hierarchy with a private members bar. No real surprise from this ‘curator’, blue chip ‘dealer’, popular novelist and drunk who was once invited by Jens ‘no ideas’ Hoffmann to transform the crap gallery into an east end pub.

If the ICA gets ‘refunded’ by the Arts Council, as it inevitably will, does this mean ACE money will be paying for GM’s leather chair and pipe? Not on our watch! (so how do we become members?).

4 Responses to “12 Easy Steps”

  1. You’r right when business people take over art venues quality art goes out the window & “crappola” (i have to use that word as the word crap is likely to atract the editor’s i experienced in the Guardian’s comments on the internet) is masqueraded as ART and promoted by the likes of Saatchi…
    we are in the need of a new appraisal as to the function of art…i naively thought the HIGH ART should enoble and enhance “Our Culture”…ciao for now pete mcclure

  2. smokie said

    Not an auspicious start – what is it with the ICA and endlessly re-jigging the bar/cafe – get some decent art on

  3. Gifty said

    ACE officers will need a spot to sup in safety from the disgruntled hordes who had their regular funding cut.

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