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Some things…

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 24, 2011

Just two things.

1) GAG! A Ged Quinn goes for £190,000 at auction. Probably because of his incredible extensive exhibition history. Oh, what – only shown at his gallery, Wilkinson? Hmm.
It also seems he is no longer on Wilkinson’s roster… curious. Get thee to Sotheby’s, Anthony, quick!

2) HUM. Karla Black has left Mary Mary. But despite the chat about her closing, seems The gallery is going nowhere.

That’s all.

5 Responses to “Some things…”

  1. Michaela said

    Is it not possible someone’s bought it because they liked it?
    Is that not possible in the cynical times of ours?

  2. Mary Mary (The 90's group - not the shite gallery) said

    It wont be long before she closes.. Not only she owes Karla Black serious amounts on money – she also owes other artists.. perhaps daddy will bail her out..

    • Hannah Barry said

      anyone see her booth at independent? I don’t she needs to worry about klara as all her artists look the same..

  3. Tony Wilko said

    Michaela – you’re right. This blog is full of bitteress and cynicism. Ged is a tremendously moving artist and if you’d like any please do get in touch with me as I’ve got fifteen of them in my garage off Mare Street;)!!!!xxxx
    Tony “W”

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