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Fools Gold

Posted by cathedralofshit on February 27, 2011

Sean Pertwee (Classic FM voiceover stalwart), the pub landlord from the Albion in Islington, and James Golding have opened a new gallery in Soho. That’s the same James Golding from the Leonard Street Gallery, that ran off with thousands of charity cash as well as not paying their artists. He seems to be going under the clever pseudonym of ‘Gold’.

Amazing how short some people’s memories are.

5 Responses to “Fools Gold”

  1. Thanks for the worning about Mr James Golding and his gallery. Will try to avoid him and his business like a wild fire!..

  2. Suzanne said

    Hahaha! Why doesn’t this surprise me? I love Kate MccGwire’s work and really wanted to see it and I ranted on my blog how the gallery didn’t even have a proper date and time for the show back then and they added me on Twitter REALLY keen to network. I went to the show on Friday and they had Enyaesque music playing and atmospheric candles and it all looked VERY suspicious and expensively redecorated.

    Thanks for being my favourite London gallery scene WikiLeaks. You have NO IDEA how much I love you guys for your work!

  3. Worzel Gummidge said

    20 years ago the Albion was one of the best pubs in London. Shit now.

    On the subject of shit… Sean Pertwee was in every shit British film in the 80s and 90s. It was him that made them shit.

  4. Dr. Hou Hanru said


  5. Tauer W. said

    Ugh, James Golding. I hope someone is smart enough to form a picket line at the next opening and remind everyone how much that man sucks.

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