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Art School Confidential

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 6, 2011

This from an art college ‘insider’…

Camberwell art college is going to scrap ALL of its courses apart from art foundation. It will be an art foundation only school which mans that the people of peckham/camberwell will have to put up with even more 18 year olds from the cotswalds swanning around laughing at Peckham locals and making diabolical art

– The slade is going to lose its massive and much used woburn research centre on woburn square. This means there will be pretty much zero space available to actually display work in for discussion etc as the main school is entirely studios, becoming increasingly cramped as the slade accept more and more students from abroad, as they pay more money, regardless of the quality of their work.

11 Responses to “Art School Confidential”

  1. studenty said

    the slade will be lucky if that what happens. it likely ucl will ship the whole slade down to a warehouse in strafford or white city, while doubling pg studnets while keeping the same level of staff

  2. studenty said

    Click to access UCL_Space_Utilisation_Study_Final_Report_August_2010.pdf

    • end of the world said

      ‘The Slade in the North Wing accommodates art students
      who need space for experimentation, creativity and associated mess of
      an art studio. Relocation of these groups and reuse of the buildings for
      functions needing the prominence of the location and availability for
      public access, would be a logical option in the future.’

      god this barbarism makes my stomach turn. Also, not that it’s really the point, but the highlight of the year for the slade is the very much publicly attended degree show season (one for BA, one for MA, summer school, not to mention the jam packed Bartlett degree show which uses the slade building). How in god’s fucking name do we not need a building with a prominent location and availability for public access?

  3. ian said

    Nice Name

  4. MRBIG said


  5. anon said

    RCA is doubling the intake for next year – while keeping staffing the same.

  6. Cindyincidentally said

    Once CSM has shunted off to Kings Pox and the Slade has gone will there be any central London art colleges left? Westminster I guess – if anyone counts that

  7. Scum said

    @anon. RCA is also investing millions in building new studios to house all fine art departments in Battersea, a massive project which will benefit the fine art departments for decades. Also, RCA’s rector publicly denounced the government reforms for higher fees and cuts. As far as I can see, the RCA is tremendously committed to maintaining student support despite the economic situation. The college needs money. Accepting more students is the least offensive of the many options it could have taken.

  8. @RCA said

    The RCA sacked loads of technicians last year in a shameful attempt to shrink the wage bill. Meanwhile, they are seeking to make £4million in ‘savings’ over the next 4 years. During this time the new rector will be drawing nearly £1 million in wages. Other highly paid staff refuse to reveal their wages. The RCA is tremendously committed to protecting their hypertophic heiarchy at the expense of education. It’s long been an academic fraud that trades on its name alone.

    The planned new building programme is part of a program that will see the college become a landbank and rentier parasite. Expand or die, seems to be the new mantra. The expansion so far has been a debacle, that saw huge cost overruns. The RCA, like so many institutions, is completely opaque to scrutiny.

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