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Posted by cathedralofshit on March 6, 2011

Tuesday saw the beta launch (no, we have no idea what that means at all) of Now that CoS is widely feted around the world as being a market-leader of interweb-based arts shit we get told things like this by over-excited PRs who have worked out that we don’t really live off Mare Street but in a small mews house in Chelsea. Anyhow, is apparently going to be the of the art world – which means that you can sit at your computer at work, type in that you like a Caravaggio and various logorithms in cyberspace will inform you that this means you also will love the work of Davd Hockney. Or something like that. Then all the investors who have ploughed in loads of money will re-coup their millions because you will buy some postcards. Call us Luddites but this sounds like the kind of business plan dreamt up by an estate agent in episode 2 of Sir Alan “I hope the popular uprisings in the Middle East don’t spread” Sugar. Be the first to slag off today on your twitter feed today before everybody else gets round to loving it! Or hating it! We don’t care. We’re off to whack off in the Courtauld’s Witt library over those old photocopies of paintings they have stuck to card.

One Response to “Artfandinger”

  1. Barbara Winsor said

    I tried the site out by looking up Barbara Hepworth and all I got were paintings from 14th – 18th Century of women called Barbara.
    Then I looked up the list of artsits – scrolled through the H’s to find Hepworth and …nothing.
    She ain’t listed on the site.
    That’s a shame. Not very comprehensive is it?

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