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Spring Offensive

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 6, 2011

Anyone read Afterall recently? Nope, neither have we. Issue 26, out now, looks at questions of pedagogy. The back cover bears an embarrassing advertisement for the piss poor teaching staff of Central St Martins and their ludicrously bad courses. Meanwhile their parents the University of the Arts are going Maoist. In Byam Shaw’s 101st year the University for the Arts have closed their library, shut their canteen, filled skips with equipment and banned the use of the name internally. The name is maintained publicly for fund raising purposes as Byam Shaw was once the London art school of choice for blue blooded types who were too stupid for proper university and are now stupid enough to donate money. Byam Shaw is, in all but name, about to become the MA department of CSM – click on the website and you’re mysteriously transported from Archway to a server somewhere between Charing Cross Road and Kings Cross. There’s so much doublespeak on the homepage there are even two ‘about’ options.

3 Responses to “Spring Offensive”

  1. Bricko said

    Nothing good has ever come out of st. martins

  2. Cindyincidentally said

    Is this (and the Camberwell story below) the University of the Arts pigeons coming home to roost? Sceptics said when they formed the giant monstrosity that is the University of the Arts that in time the colleges would loose their autonomy and that eventually someone would ask why there was so much duplication or triplication and go for a blood letting rationalisation. A shame as they will no doubt let go the good staff and keep the freeloaders – the ones pursuing their own ‘research’ who screwed up so badly on the last funding round.

  3. Homi "Why?" Bhabha said

    Afterall is truly a terrible magazine. The last issue with the ponderous translated-from-the-German opening article was a killer. Lets hope they are first on ACE’s “cull-the-RFOs” list published to an eager public at the end of the month! They can go suck on my liminal space longtime.

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