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A Message from the Dean of Camberwell…

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 9, 2011

This is no art college ‘insider’ more like outsider…

I can assure all readers Camberwell College has a strong undergraduate and postgraduate programme which goes from strength to strength with increasing levels of demand and one of the highest levels of student satisfaction within University of the Arts London. Amongst the courses we offer are: BA Painting/Sculpture/Drawing/Photography as well as many Design subjects including Graphic Design/Illustration and 3 D Design. At PG level we have Conservation, Book Arts, Illustration, Graphics, Fine Art, Digital Arts and Designer Maker. We have been here for over 100 years and have no intention of going anywhere. We have recently aquired student accommodation next to the college so that we can provide easier access to ALL our courses and facilities for our students.

I’m very happy to take the ‘insider’ on a personal tour to Camberwell to show them it is a thriving and dynamic college with a friendly community of students from a wide variety of backgrounds from across the world. I would also be delighted to take them to Peckham Square to visit our new gallery space called Peckham Space which brings together artists with local groups. Peckham Space welcomes over 1,000 visitors per month mainly from Peckham demonstrating a real connection between the college and local people.

The ‘insider’ clearly doesn’t know us at all or the success of our students, staff and courses!

Natalie Brett, Dean of Camberwell College of Arts

11 Responses to “A Message from the Dean of Camberwell…”

  1. OUTSIDER said

    I never said I was an insider, just passing on info. I merely heard that in the impending downsizing/consolidation of university of the arts college, camberwell will be one of the first to suffer by becoming quote ‘foundation only’. I heard this first hand from Camberwell college members of staff. Camberwell does indeed produce a lot of strong artists and makers across its courses, I never said it didn’t. The range of courses should definitely be preserved.

    Will you go on record to say outright that Camberwell has no intention of becoming a foundation only school? There is something a little ambiguous about your paragraph above.

  2. Look back in anger said

    With such a fervent denial the rumours must be true….

  3. Fumer said

    Dear Pals (but not the Dean),

    Perhaps some facts would help… or rather a clear example of how art schools, or those under the UAL boot are subject to the same nasty bullshit as nearly everyone else in this selfish ego obsessed fucked county…

    So bear with me… I’ll try to cut to the chase…
    With 2 examples to demonstrate how the figures get cooked…

    Results from the 2010 UAL survey…

    The survey architects i.e. the rector and the senior management team said in the headline:

    “In many ways University of the Arts
    London (UAL) is a great place to work.
    Staff feel a very high sense of pride
    working here, with an impressive
    84% of staff feeling proud to say
    they work at UAL.”

    The statement was: I am proud to tell others that I am part of this University, and then the staff were asked to grade their response – 1 no fucking way Hitler and 5 please cum in my face again and again 100% all of the time forever…

    The the headline figure is… 84%

    But if we look a little deeper…

    Academic Grade = -7%
    Academic and Research Grade = -10%
    Associate/Visiting Lecturer = -8%

    Average minus 8.3

    These are the people who actually meet with students, they actually teach them, they actually talk with them…

    Now lets have a look at desk bound pen pushers…

    Academic Senior Manager = 10%
    Professional and Admin Senior Manager = 5%
    Hourly Paid Support = 16%

    Average = plus 10.3

    So if you don’t actually teach (i.e. do the job of delivery the product) it’s all peachy, but if you have to be in the same room as the students for anything more than 5 minutes… it sucks…. But the UAL still says that we are 84% proud…

    If you have time here’s another…

    In my experience, employees at the University are treated with respect

    Academic Grade = -17%
    Academic and Research Grade = -10%
    Associate/Visiting Lecturer = -28%

    Average is minus 18.3

    And the Nazis:

    Academic Senior Manager = 2%
    Professional and Admin Senior Manager = 16%
    Hourly Paid Support = 19%

    Average plus 12.3 %

    Now I know these figures are silly, i.e. -10.4% happiness – doesn’t really mean much… But the fact is, when looking through the pages and pages of stats it’s very clear – the staff who work with students are fucking unhappy. Those that don’t are all smiles… So why should this be any surprise?

    It isn’t… Why should art schools be any different from the rest of the fucked up country?



    • Cornelius said

      All those weird and pointless statistics are great and everything but aren’t you forgetting the most important one? That science, tehcnology etc. ….AKA ‘Hard’ subjects are having their teaching budget funding ringfenced, while arts, humanities and social sciences are having their government funding cut by precisely 100%.

      Also, I am so sick of people patronising us by saying ‘come on guys we’re all in the same boat why should arts be precious blah blah blah what about hospitals for cats blah blah art doesn’t serve anyone…’. we understand that the cuts are affecting everyone, but if we don’t fight our own corner then no-one will, you unbelievably smug cretin.

      • Fumer said

        Sorry Cornhole where did I say that we shouldn’t fight? I’m still trying work out where and how to fight… The lessons from history don’t give much away… I’m thinking of Hornsey… And the recent student day out was just a noisey defeat, indeed where were the crowds when the EMA vote went down? NOWHERE the square was empty…

        I understand the full extent of the importance of art education – in the biggest sense it IS the last line of defense of civilization – and we (artists/art students/ art teachers) are always the least important, most important people in the room… And it pays my rent, if I lose my job in these cuts it will be the end of a career that I have a profound belief and love for.

        I like a good punch up with the cops /Deans /Rectors as much as anyone, but I can’t get over how inafective all that rolling about on the ground has been in the past, idiots believe it does something, like the Poll Tax riot got rid of Thatcher.. No it didn’t, The Battle of Orgreave, Wapping, the Fashion Parade over Iraq etc… It seems that the cunts keep winning – like in 04 when Yushchenko came to victory in the Ukrainian Orange Revolution, beating the corrupt Yanukovych… Today Yanukovych is back in power…

        SO far from being smug, I am depressed at the general level of failure that permeates all struggle unless it seem one is willing to chose the ground, chose the weapons, and then KILL EVERY ONE….

        Oh God I’m ranting – please stop me, won’t somebody stop me…

  4. RetIred redundant said

    As a current UAL Associate Lecturer…. oops sorry must remember my place, artist/teacher paid for piece work… I recognise the back foot nature of Dean of Camb’s comments for the transparent bullshit that they are. The business model will win out in the end. The top will keep the cream and the rest (students and AL’s will get the little scummy bits that are left over).

    The people that are currently implementing the cuts and the illegal redundancies are the managers who as Fumer says and evidences in such exquisite detail have little regard, care or interest not much more than their fantastically long paid for summer hols; is it tuscanny or provence this year darlingh?
    And oh I forgot, a continuous supply of eager, willing and most important of all compliant recent art graduates, upon whom they can exercise all of their most perverted fantasies.

    This newly disenfranchised workforce will shortly be filling the void left behind once they have culled all the old hacks (sorry I meant committed and dedicated and experienced art school teachers/artists and lecturers) believing that teaching at UAL may help them up the shitty pole that is the academic art world (distinct from the other shitty art poles….. I cannot for the life of me work out how many there are?).

    Is that it?

    No there’s more, much more to come……..

  5. art attack said

    Dean of camberwell is clearly lying through her teeth, or trying to throw us off the scent of the whole issue. UAL staff, actually all art college staff, it’s about time you got off your arses, took the fucking risk, and started fighting for the cultural and intellectual health of this country as hard as your students are fighting

  6. Look back in anger said

    Well the Dean statement is just PR about what is going on now – aside from the one comment that “We have been here for over 100 years and have no intention of going anywhere.” nowhere does she say that the foundation story is untrue and indeed even that comment does not preclude a move to Camberwell being all foundation as the college would still be there – jsut doing foundation.

  7. Miranda Slanda said

    meanwhile..over at LCC…well, to lose one Dean may be regarded as a misfortune… to lose both seems like carelessness…

    and journalism students, working on Arts London News, the university’s student newspaper, are learning the ways of News International, as their tutors pull articles critical of the, er, regime..

  8. UAL redundant said

    Will the dean be commenting further in light of this article?

    Which basically seems to confirm what the original poster said.

    Deafening silence? Thought so.

  9. Tobias said

    I am a student at Camberwell college and i would like to confirm that Natalie is lying through her teeth and generally seems to do this most of the time. She is a highly paid puppet that can pull a big smile and lie. She is very good at avoiding information and making sure she only talks to students that have no idea. I actually have a copy of the CCW business plan released in january which now looking at is old…. but still none of this is communicated with students (and included the closure of conservation, and textiles i believe) and was only made available for staff!
    Anyways UAL is fucked its all a load of bullshit, we should claim it back for a real Art college!

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