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Happy 200000th visit, CoS!

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 10, 2011

HAPPY 200.000 posts Cathedral of Shit!
Look at what we achieved! That’s right! Nothing! And we don’t even have any real true information!

As a birthday gift for us we thought we’d publish the weirdly intriguing search terms that lead you to CoS. Who Googles themself a lot? Who do you think writes CoS?! Who cares?!

Behold – the list!

SEE! How many of you can’t spell.
OBSERVE! The term ‘Elephant Spunk’ directly above Silke Otto-Knapp!
NOTE! The interest in Hannah Barry’s love-life!
WONDER! Why many of these people exist!
CONSIDER! Actually that’s it. We’re off to figure out why we exist ourselves.

Searches – All Time
Search Views
cathedral of shit 26,757
cathedralofshit 1,372
catherdral of shit 602
cathedral shit 551
hannah barry 391
cathederal of shit 374
colonel sanders 343
catheral of shit 294
“cathedral of shit” 253
mark sladen 223
swiss tony 173
anita zabludowicz 146
the cathedral of shit 126
anthea hamilton 125
darren flook 117
catherdal of shit 109
ekow eshun 105
cathedral of shit blog 102
cathdral of shit 101
rob tufnell 86
silke taprogge 72
carl kostyal 71
hannah barry anthony d’offay 68
adrian searle 65
kit hammonds 60
nicky verber 59
toby webster 58
swiss toni 57
matthew slotover 55
anita zabludowicz blog 53
cathedral of shite 52
sam orlofsky 50
cathedal of shit 48
cathedral ofshit 47
sarah mccrory 47
ekow eshun ica 47
sterling ruby pace 43
katja strunz 43
cathidral of shit 43
catherdaral of shit 41
otolith group 40
isabella bortolozzi 40
cathedrals of shit 37
matthew arnatt 36
cathedreal of shit 36
anthony d’offay hannah barry 36
mark sladen ica 36
cathedralof shit 35
baer 35
cathideral of shit 34
cathedra of shit 28
david shrigley save the arts 27
dicksmith gallery closing 27
otolith group turner prize 27
shit cathedral 26
tombola 26
david thorp ica 26
catherdralofshit 25
cathderal of shit 24
micky schubert 23
zabludowicz 23
dennis hopper art 23
cathedrale of shit 22
cathedral fo shit 21
athedral of shit 21
jasper joffe 21
the otolith group 21
gregor muir 20
“mark sladen” 20
cthedral of shit 20
zabludowicz blog 20
richard birkett ica 20
catedral of shit 18
sarah thornton blog 18
ryan gander 18
the colonel 18
cathedrial of shit 18
cahedral of shit 17
the otolith group turner prize 17
ica ekow eshun 17
cathedrl of shit 17
chathedral of shit 17
ivor aizenberg 16
cathedral of shit] 16
calum sutton pr 15
sarah thornton 15
catehdral of shit 15
catherderal of shit 15
the modern institute 15
save the arts 15
jim lambie stalker 14 14
cathedral of shit hannah barry 14
cathredral of shit 14
mark rappolt 14
http://www.cathedral of shit 13
cathedrla of shit 13
thea djordjadze 13 13
elephant spunk 12
silke otto-knapp 12
anish kapoor shit 12 12
julia peyton jones 12
calum sutton 12
cathedral f shit 12
“sam orlofsky” 12
tate britain occupation 12
karla black 12
catedreal of shit 11
cathedral od shit 11
julia peyton-jones 11
“polly staple” 11
anita zab 11
josh baer 11
anita zab blog 11
erica bolton 11
carl kostyal gallery 11
kitkat 11
marcus kleinfeld 11
kit kat 10
polly staple 10
catheadral of shit 10
“tris vonna michell” 10
susan collis 10
cathedral of shit wordpress 10
http://www.cathedralofshit 10
cathedral of shiot 10
shrigley save the arts 10
ica mark sladen 10
“cheyney thompson” 10
cathedral of shit ica 10
frances stark 10
sven mundner 10
who writes cathedral of shit 10
tomma abts 10
cahtedral of shit 9
“darren flook” 9
guy perricone 9
cathedral of shitee 9
roger tatley 9
anthea hamilton artist 9
cathedral of shit art 9
sterling ruby “sterling ruby” 9
julian schnabel art 9
eshun ica 9
ctahedral of shit 9
cathedral of shit london 9
cathedraql of shit 9
lcatherdral of shit 9
luisa summers 8
save the arts david shrigley 8
cathederal shit 8
nottingham contemporary zebra 8
cathedral of shit art blog 8
hannah barry d’offay 8
cathedrall of shit 8
arts club dover street 8
lizzie neilson 8
cathedral of shits 8
“ekow eshun” 8

6 Responses to “Happy 200000th visit, CoS!”

  1. Mark Sladen said

    Disappointed that Colonel Sanders beat me

  2. Gifty said

    ‘Nottingham Contemporary Zebra’ sounds like a branding brainstorming exercise. ‘If your gallery was an animal Alex what kind of animal would it be’

  3. pablo (Picasso not Bronstein) said

    what a boring list and a boring thing to post – presumably meant to be a decoy away from people guessing who writes this miserable thing.

  4. ApplesandPears said

    What ever happened to those awards CoS? I was looking forward to them. And when I say ‘looking forward’ I mean I had it has vaguely played on my mind; and when I say ‘vaguely played on my mind’ I mean I’d given them scant regard.

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