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Posted by cathedralofshit on March 22, 2011

Hey fellow art-bloggers! Ever wondered why most art blogs are mind-numbingly shit? Watch this – Artist’s Newsletter’s incredibly dull guide to writing art blogs featuring a bloke called Tim and some bird who looks like a weather-presenter from the much lamented GMTV. We like the big A-N that they had especially fabricated. And we like the Cold War/Open University style presentation style. It’s so dull by the end of it you feel like gnawing your own arm off – a bit like Artists Newsletter itself!

9 Responses to “blog off”

  1. michaela said

    haha – so true, just watched it!

  2. boris said

    jebus joseph and mary, my insomnia is cured.

  3. james said

    nearly as bad as this!

    • HUO said

      Fuck – theres loads more shitting video blogs from her.. DIRE DIRE DIRE dont watch them… just make you depressed.

      • Look back in anger said

        Tell me this is a piss-take…….NO – a good reason to cut all funding to higher education now.

  4. mr hudson said

    That is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen this year. Please can we get them to do some more – could be great for Frieze Projects this year, or Frieze talks even. Personally I’d like them to do ‘Economics’, ‘Philosophy Since 1989’ and ‘Anthony Gormley’. Oh and ‘How to make a new funding package from old egg boxes and old copies of Afterall”

    Yours etc.

    • boris said

      let’s not push them too hard just yet. let them do ‘how to hold a paint brush’, ‘pronouncing foriegn artists names’ and ‘how to look like an artist’.

      they’d be useful to me if no one else

  5. Sam Keller said

    They’ll give anyone a Phd these days.

  6. Maureen Brian said

    Ooo. A right proper Belle de Jour – Is this you outing yourself, CoS?

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