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We consider OURselves a bit of a glamourpuss.

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 24, 2011

Morning all.

8 Responses to “We consider OURselves a bit of a glamourpuss.”

  1. Ravey Bob said

    I done a bit of sick in my own mouth.

    Do you not think that she’s been shagging ‘a very wise academic’?

    And why is she dressing like an 8 year old girl. Baffling.

  2. m said

    You are kidding!

  3. Look back in anger said

    You think she’s kidding but then you see she has done many more

  4. Fumer said

    Is it just me, but when people like Frosty say ‘my practice is…’ or ‘I consider my practice to…’ etc I want to kill them…

    These ‘artists’, curators, visual culture workers et al drive me mad when they bang on about their ‘Practice’. Do they think they are like medical doctors or health care professionals… I can’t stand they way these boring idiots have ramped up their self-important ‘work’ and deemed it to be above the rest of us who make work, or have jobs… I know I risk sounding all luddish and what not… But fuck that(j’aime les intellectuels sérieux as it goes), these bastards need to be told to fuck off, it’s really the only honest thing to do.

  5. alicja mccarthy said

    I like her purple eye shadow… it matches her purple outfit… fin.

  6. Gifty said

    Reason to cut the Artists’ Newsletter grant number 156. Or shut down the establishments that hand out phds to these people.

  7. AM said

    She’s like a public beheading. But she’s obvious, not like the ones who’ve survived with the rough edges taken off them … it doesn’t matter how painful that was, the creepy ones (recall how close to this Claire Bishop once was). Or compare her to the professionally porcine slobs floating about in a state of slovenly kunstverein induced saturated almost entirely self-sustaining arrogance, the wholly ineffable pricks attempting capatilizing on their prickishness. The gushing pigs at art fairs, the shrunken and ratty dealers with their impoverished and miserable little booth-shrines and their horrid crass clients with their shabby bits to stuff in their miserable and sad old pigeon beshitted mangers.
    Separately, I agree with Fumer. The practice word goes with idiot use of ‘performativity’. I knew someone who had an entire and practice based PhD in art sold to his institution as an assessment of the ethical dimension of the performance of practice based research. Just imagine, shudder quotes all over the place. Of course, the substantial element (I was told) in his research was a few paintings. He now writes about teaching.

  8. This is most delicious. For many institutions Phd,.,.,.,.,’s encompassing art ‘practices’ are generally seen as a money spinner obvs… with minimal jazz and minimal academic credence $$$ @ ravey blob- I doubt it

    I think this is excellent and will continue to follow her through her youtube

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