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Posted by cathedralofshit on March 25, 2011

We love Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Morton. But we also haven’t quite witnessed anything quite as self-promoting as their tweet-feed @lefeuvremorton. We all know that the British Art Show is jolly good and that they searched long and hard over one pissed-up weekend in Bethnal Green in order to curate it. We love it!

But so far this week we’ve received re-tweeted praise from @lefeuvremorton that ranges from @krisatomoc saying “I recommend the British Art Show at the Hayward” (thanks Kris!) to “itsyourlondon” claiming the “British Art Show7 looks worth a visit” (cheers itsyourlondon!), through to NickSantosPedro assuring the two curators and everybody they re-tweeted “Your careers are now assured” (thanks NickSantosPedro!).

Now whilst we love hearing NickSantosPedro’s rating of our lovely co-curator’s careers we’re starting to get a little bit suspicious that nothing negative is being tweeted about the show. Surely someone out there can’t stand Charles Avery or thinks that Emily Wardill’s films are mind-numbingly dull? So as an experiment we would like to ask all our dear readers to tweet @lefeuvremorton telling them that the show was a terrible piss-poor excuse of an exhibition and their careers are down the toilet.
Not that we think this, we’re just curious to see if its re-tweeted back to all of us eager followers.

8 Responses to “@lefeuvremorton”

  1. Ou of Focus said

    “and that they searched long and hard over one pissed-up weekend in Bethnal Green in order to curate it.” yep spot on – Lisa and Tom are very nice and all that but the British Art Show could have been put together from back copies of Frieze – it is all sooo predictable and safe. It is not as if we wanted them to include Stuckists or other such nonsense but go off piste – look for something that hasn’t already been sanctioned.

  2. Simon le Bon bon said

    I actually think it’s a bloody good show but that they are bastards.

    Just kidding. They’re really nice. And smart. It’s a good show. Deal with it.

  3. B. Green said

    I love Bethnal Green.

    Why wasn’t Paula Rego in it I wonder?

  4. Francis Scholl said

    Not everyone likes it:

  5. Alistair said

    I hated BAS7 to the point of apoplexy, I’m writing something about how much I hated it for my own blog, and my instant capsule review of it was “totally shit”. I actually felt sort of violated.
    Re: “itsyourlondon”, yes, it LOOKS worth a visit but when you get in there it actually isn’t. If I was them I wouldn’t bother RTing such faint praise, but I suppose you have to take what you can get. And Simon Le Bon Bon isn’t fooling anyone- come on, which one are you really, Tom or Lisa?

  6. Simon le Bon bon said

    Au contraire, I am neither. Okay, so there weren’t too many surprises, and I can do without Maaike Schoorel, but there were some great solid pieces of work in it.

    Oh well, what’s good for the goose etc etc.

  7. Tony Blunt said

    I suspect Ms Leuvre and Mr Morton have nothing to do with this. Looks like the work of the South Bank’s Marketing Department. Anyone remember this:

    As for the show. It’s not supposed to be surprising, it’s supposed to be representative, which it is.

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