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ACE ACE and less-ACE ACE

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 30, 2011

The Cathedral of Shit telethon team have wolfed their mid-morning Subways and are nearly ready to announce their first total. As the not for profit artworld crowd around their macbooks, asking “who the fuck are Art Gene?”, we’ve pulled out a few titbits. There are winners. There are losers. And then there’s the Otolith Group!

* Hells bells! The ICA is down 42.2%. But with fundraising whizz Alison Myners and Gregor ‘just left a commercial gallery’ Muir in place, perhaps not a disaster. It was always going to a hard ask after the shambles of Eshun/Yentob/that other bloke who buggered the accounts.

* The Serpentine gets a 31.5% increase to take it to around £1.25 million per year. Because they need the cash! After all that second space doesn’t come cheap. And this doesn’t have anything to do with ACE wanting to secure their regular invitations to the summer party.

* The Otolith Group have been cut but are still being recognised as an organisation which is pleasant for them, and annoying for every other artist who hadn’t worked out this particular scam.

* Surely some mistake here: Workplace Gallery – a commercial gallery in Newcastle who regularly show at international art fairs becomes portfolio funded at £120,000 over three years. Bizzare – surely this review was supposed to get rid of these commercial inconsistencies?

* Rumours abound that South London Gallery are planning a move to the Mall after their 127.3% increase. Peckham isn’t big enough for them anymore. But seriously folks, well done to fellow South Londoners, Studio Voltaire and Auto Italia

* Despite improvements after the appointment of nice Grant Watson as curator, Iniva have been slashed, paying for years of piss-poor programming and seemingly not really doing anything.

And finally –
* DON’T PANIC! The National Glass Centre have had an 87.5% increase! Thank fuck.

11 Responses to “ACE ACE and less-ACE ACE”

  1. ApplesAndPears said

    Bloody hell. Can we get onto to the big picture: Stratford Circus and their 619% increase? Bring on the clowns. Oh they did. And they’re in government.

  2. Non-Victorious Meldrew said

    FYI Art Gene are like a northern Otolith Group, but without the theory graft.

    Also why have ACE suddenly got so keen on juggling?

  3. Look Back in anger said

    Overall what this whole process has done is to be put ACE in the driving seat in a way which, normally (i.e. outside of the cuts context) would be seen a completely unacceptable. They have done what they wanted to do a couple of years back, which is reshuffle, their pack of funded organisations. Lat time they had to retreat in the face of opposition and howls of derision. Now under the cover of a wider cuts agenda there will be hardly a murmur especially with so many delighted arts orgs tweeting and blogging their own success.

  4. Northern Monkey said

    Workplace are indeed a commercial gallery who repeatedly slag off the Arts council and refuse to be dictated to by the Arts Council and won’t ever take money from the Arts Council cos they’re a bunch of wankers who know nothing about art and how to support artists and….. Oh wait….

    • Khaki said

      they show some really interesting artists.. matt stokes, marcus coates.. HA HA.. the gallery ‘directors’ even have the wisdom to show themselves..

      • Gifty said

        They only sell to the Arts Council. On balance they are not as bad as the one man band known as VANE but Waygood must be sick sick sick to get cut. Smart move getting the Arts Council to pay Lisa Le Feuvre to write about your work though.

      • skuzzlebutt said

        VANE is a two-man band. get your facts right. and the people behind waygood are lucky not to be facing prison, never mind getting funding cut. they fucked it, and siphoned off a load of money in the process. and workplace are money-grabbing wankers who ‘represent’ their mates. it’s an absolute disgrace that they’re receiving public money to maintain a commercial operation. mind you, there are plenty of dead-wood organisations who didn’t get cut. ACE have been spineless. jobs for the old boys.

  5. Gifty said

    Since InIVA was conceived on Sandy Nairne’s watch when he was at the Arts Council back when and baby brother Andrew had over sight of the cut I imagine there could be a bit of a chill over the breakfast table at Nairne Towers during the holidays.

    As most of the building based RFOs were already operating with holes in the budget anything that scored less that a 10% increased is screwed in the medium term any way – that means you BALTIC.

    Most of the superfluous regional commissioning agencies appear to have gone. These were mostly an excuse to pay people to walk around building sites and say where the Kapoor should go, promote their underemployed mates as ‘consultants/strategists’ and take freebies to Asia to research emerging trends in Urban Regeneration.

  6. ApplesandPears said

    Oh… and thank fuck the world’s most pointless organisation, The Architecture Centre Network is being retired. It’s purpose was to connect other architecture centres and galleries across the country. I think a mailing list will suffice on that one.

  7. Mealy Mouth said

    Is anyone else sick of the cut RFOs moaning and coming up with dull conspiracies about ACE and digital media or shit boring artists banging on about some mediocre art gallery? I know they are losing their jobs.. but really this clean up should have happened years ago and in my humble (but very important) opinion should have gone further.. so good effort ACE – but could try harder.. It is a shame that we cant see the non-rfo’s who had applied but were turned down – would have been interesting to see how intune ACE officers are..

    • skuzzlebutt said

      you can see turned-down non-rfo’s, but only the ones who weren’t too scared to have their names listed should they have failed in their bid. oh, the shame.

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