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Port in a Storm…

Posted by cathedralofshit on March 30, 2011

Gorn, but not forgortten… as the ACE cuts info floods in (believe us, the CoS office today is like a 1980s telethon, complete with Angela Rippon and Michael Aspel on the phones), news has reached the delicate ears of CoS regarding Ekow Eshun’s new job.
Despite being responsible for today’s 42% cut in the ICAs portfolio funding, he’s landed a new position;

British Writer and Journalist Ekow Eshun has been appointed Culture Editor at PORT magazine. He was previously Artistic Director at the Institute of Contempory Arts. Book reviews or any culture-related information can be sent to Ekow, who can be reached at”

So readers, please, do send Ekow culture-related information at your leisure.

4 Responses to “Port in a Storm…”

  1. allenfisher1 said

    Why give another job attached to cultural artefacts to someone who helped destroy the ICA and has shown plus and minus signs against zero signs of knowing what art might be.

  2. Lord Rix of Lemmington Spa said

    Clearly the people who run “PORT” are absolutely clueless and we cannot take anything written in said organ seriously.

  3. Mickey Fucking Mouse said

    He fucked up when he was editor of Arena as well. Dramatically falling sales in what was then a boom market. Good luck.

  4. slagroom said

    he is also a member of the Arts Council, totally undeserved given his track record.

    but it might explain why his bro’ Otolith got over 150k + funding for the next 3 years.


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