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Posted by cathedralofshit on March 31, 2011

Yesterday was a long day at CoS Towers. We spent it eating fried chicken and occasionally following the Guardian’s LIVE cuts blog and the Twitterometer in the corner. Our round-up is basically this: the visual arts team at ACE did a decent job. A number of the organisations who got cut have been fingered by us already for being dodgy (Proboscis, Afterall, International Curators Jollies etc) and it didn’t take a genius to work out that the two big RFOs to be shafted would be Iniva and the ICA – both of whom have had bucketloads of criticism in recent years. It looks like there’s some strategic re-thinking that’s happened and has been semi-smuggled in through the cuts – such as the retreat from cultural diversity. South London seems to have done all right. Expanding your gallery space (South London, Serpentine, Whitechapel) has been heavily rewarded.

A cut which has caused some lament is the total cut in funding to ArtSway – although it was always a bit puzzling what this organisation brought to local Hampshire art enthusiasts by doing a pavilion at the Venice Biennale every two years. That said, the total cut seemed draconian.

ACE have handled the day relatively well – although the one issue that has been fudged are those organisations who were not previously RFOs, who tried for funding this time round – and failed. This is the only part of the process that is being kept under wraps – although some organisations in other art forms, such as the Rose Theatre, have admitted this failure. The reticence on the part of Visual Arts organisations to ‘fess up to failure is understandable – after all organisations have previously not sent out press releases about grants they’ve failed to get – but it does mean that it’s difficult to accurately sketch the full nature of ACE’s strategy in re-thinking what they do and do not want to fund.

Okay we’re now tired of our one moment of doing semi-serious articles so we’ll be back soon with some crap about spotting Klaus Biesenbach in Mare Street’s Tesco. We’re off down the Joiners.

5 Responses to “tired and emotional”

  1. mike v j said

    This ACE hysteria would be comical if it was not so tragic. The ACE is the worst thing that ever happened to the creative Arts in the UK. Given it is what it is the answer is simple and twofold:

    1) Fund any client (or individual)FULLY for three years and then they NEVER get another penny. The money goes down the line to the next deserving case. The Fatted Calves would be got rid of once and for all.

    2) ALL museums and public galleries charge for entry. Any citizen with a council tax demand and ID can nip down the Post Office and get a annual free entry pass for a fiver. Let the endless tourists pay for the culture they are so keen on (and charge through the nose for anyone to see in their own countries)and ALL the money generated goes to the venues or the ACE fund for redistribution.

    Job done

    Oh and a PS: all ACE committee panels must be refreshed every one or two years with no re-appointment of members until after a three year break. That should see off the self serving apparatchiks.

  2. Miranda Slanda said

    It looks like Lady Lomax has done a decent job of sorting out her social calendar for the next few years.

    200k extra for Artangel? And how come Film London is still getting money, when a week ago their future wasn’t sure (boris only confirmed their funding for next year last week). How did that score them on ‘sustainability’? And ‘governance’ – er..that must be Stuart Comer and John Akomfrah on the Film London board? Or maybe their Advisors really do have regular meetings. Er. not.

    Oh hang on. They had that Jarman Award party and dinner in Shoreditch house that Lady L must have enjoyed.

  3. Mike said


    Thanks for sharing this fascinating post. I will surely bookmark this site to see moreof your interesting post..keep it up!

  4. twofriedeggs said

    Can we please get back to the clever insider nonsense we’ve been reading and loving on this blog for so long? It’s a bit too disconcerting to see you CoSsers finally out yourselves as a bunch of ultra-conventional, middlebrow twats….. OK, but I did enjoy the hardcore EDL-type posturing thrown in to rattle the cage of those other ultra-conventional middlebrow twats. Can’t help but love ya – and your pearl-encrusted jackboots! Mwa.

  5. twofriedeggs said

    Afterall may well be dodgy but did *not* get cut. Maybe CoS has been using a DCMS Creative Industries measuring tool – as I read 53.7% uplift (along with Artquest). So clearly, your dodgy fingers fingering dodgy organisations works both ways.

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