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My Life in Art

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 13, 2011

Haroon Mirza has a touring ‘mid-career retrospective’ coming up later this year organised by Camden Arts Centre. He left Chelsea MA in 2007. That’s akin to 22 year old footballers and glamour models who publish autobiographies. If he’s ‘mid-career’ does that mean he’ll retire in 2015? Anyone remember Ryan Gander or Tris Vonna Michell? Nope, thought not!

We’re not posting later as we’re off picking up our ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards”…

15 Responses to “My Life in Art”

  1. Slouchy said

    Is it just me or is Haroon quite a terrible artist? I hate anything with junk shop furniture in..

  2. CAP said

    Don’t blame the crap artists, blame the crap curators/critics/collectors.

  3. CAP said

    Lisson…. Do you want to know a secret?… Do you promise not to tell?…. Woe Oh Woe Oh…

  4. Anon said

    Why does Tris wear that shit hat? Premature male pattern balding? Guido Baldach style?

    Haroon has lovely hair.

  5. Gifty said

    Not suggesting for a moment that a state funded gallery giving an artist who one of your trustees collects the work of a big show during Frieze might represent a conflict of interest.

  6. Hand Shandy said

    If you think that is lazy/twisted/corrupt/funny then watch this, she is even younger than Master Mirza (just):

  7. Bless ‘er. Alison Wright (PR) has sent in this:

    “Just reading your post from yesterday about Haroon Mirza. Camden Arts Centre are going to be showing a new commission by Mirza in one of their galleries later this year. They have never said it’s going to be a ‘mid career retrospective’ because it isn’t. Just thought you should know.”

    Fair point Ms Wright. And so politely put. From her website, it seems she may not even work for Camden – hire her quickly, Lomax!

  8. D said

    Unlike her twitter page which reads’…currently working with Camden Arts Centre…’

  9. Patrick said

    Haroon has lovely hair – yes, this is true but he is also a great artist…

    • Jeremy's Iron said

      very much enjoyed his wry comment on the fatuous appropriation of weighty or hip cultural signifiers – Beckett and Joy Division in one piece!…it was meant to be funny, right?

    • David Hoxton said

      He has terrible hair Alison , sorry i mean Patrick .

  10. Slouchy said

    he isn’t..

  11. Ranty said

    What is also annoying about this artist is that he seems to take ideas from established sound artists and then claims them as his own – probably the only way his collector / representative can handle sound works…

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