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Shitty sticks.

Posted by cathedralofshit on April 26, 2011

Stewart Lee this week commented in an FT piece “Next month I am curating a weekend of comedy and music at the Southbank Centre, London. I am a curator. What a dead word. It sounds like someone stirring turds in a toilet bowl with a stick”.
We at CoS already knew this, and often order and post curators appropriate sticks at appropriate times… and we’ll be ordering a bumper pack of assorted sticks for this ‘proud mama’.

5 Responses to “Shitty sticks.”

  1. Gnomemansland said

    “but the location, street facing facade and exciting programme will make it an absolute destination.”
    WTF is an absolute destination?

  2. public schoolboys said

    We’ve always found curating turds very challenging due to the amount of shit out there.

  3. Fumer said

    She can keep her stick away from my shits – btw every one of which is a Brancusi…

  4. Zapata said

    CSM is a whole crock of sticky shit.

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