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Turner Round, Bright Eyes….

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 4, 2011

It’s that time again. The 2011 Turner Prize shortlist is upon us and this year’s super-groan is exclusively reserved for Mr George Shaw. It’s not the first time we’ve pointed out he’s made the same painting for the last 15 years, (or is it 150, it sure feels like it). The others, well, actually… not bad?
Our money for an on-the-nose win is on the ever-cool Hilary Lloyd following her Raven Row show, but we may bung a cool fiver each way on Martin Boyce and Karla Black.

We’ve a feeling The Sun’ll love Shaw’s working-class-friendly paintings of council estates, and be a little less enthusiastic about Karla’s giant piles o’ mud.

19 Responses to “Turner Round, Bright Eyes….”

  1. Nathan Coley said

    Katrina Brown putting her best mate on the shortlist? Surely not?

    George Shaw has two paintings by the way – one of trees the other of graffitied garages. AND they come in lots of different sizes.

  2. Gifty said

    I used to dread the Turner Prize shortlist being announced as the artists were getting younger then me but now they are older! Thanks Tate. Careers are getting slower I know but it has been ten years since Lloyd and Boyce were in British Art Show 5. I’d say sack the agents but one of them is Toby Webster so I can’t for fear of ruining my career.

  3. gonemansland said

    Does anyone (apart from Agents) give a shit about the Turner anymore?

  4. slack said

    Some funny comments on Daily Mail already..

    There may be trouble ahead. Karla’s crossed the line into Tracey Emin territory. Would Tracey be willing to share Saatchi’s money with Karla? Would the person that dumped that pink carpet protection sheet, demand royalties? Would the toddler that inspired the hanging torn paper, demand sweets? Only time will tell.
    – Wisefool, Prestwich, England., 5/5/2011 1:23

    The Turner prize is a disgrace to the genius artist who gave it its name.
    – Andrew Rutley, Burnley, Lancashire, 5/5/2011 0:54

    The Turner prize (any recent winner), the Nobel Peace prize (Obama), the Order of Canada (Morgenthaler): All now fit for nothing but contempt. My, how the might have fallen.
    – Gerry O’Donnell, Kyoto, Japan, 4/5/2011 23:55

    I just don’t understand this kind of art and in all seriousness, how can you justify giving anyone 25,000!!!!!!! quid for that piece of cr@p? Hell maybe next year I’ll just throw my own excrement at a wall and call it the ‘Teflon Coated Sh*t’ in the vain hope the judges say “The juxtaposition of the colour relationship creates a vulnerable beauty that reaches into your very soul” or something stupid like that.
    – Lesley, Cardiff, 4/5/2011 23:53

    They really do think we are stupid don’t they.
    – NuLabour Despiser, Helston Cornwall, 4/5/2011 21:44

    I assume you have to be sectioned before you can be accepted for the judging panel or to exhibit.
    – dailymale, london, 4/5/2011 21:33

  5. George Shaw. No contest. Do the math.

  6. Its Grim Oop North said

    Hold on, two artists from Scotland, one born in Halifax and the other from Coventry. They should move the Turner Prize up north if this is going to continue! Oh, they have.

    What will happen to the Northern Art Prize? Will that move south? I’d like to see Tim Braden nominated for that.

  7. public schoolboys said

    Black + Lloyd – Boyce = Shaw

  8. Bottom blaster said


    Lloyd’s show at raven was so boring. A turd in raven row’s lovely crown

    • Fumer said

      RR makes me sick. Like eating to many sweets sick. Perhaps I’ll go back and just lick the windows really slowly.

      • am said

        RR. Me too. Yuck, stupid banks of monitors. Clumsy Germanic heft. But It’s the carpeting that gets my goat – do you think someone told AS to do a runner?

      • Fumer said

        Yeah, off to cash-in the nations Nectar points…

      • Blowhole said

        Oh fuck off, raven row has lots of lovely art money and spends its lovely art money on mainly really, really good shows

        have to agree about the carpet though it looks like my fucking nans house


      • Fumer said

        Can’t agree. There is a corrupting influence in his idea of what the left was and is and this is played out in two fronts:
        1. The shows, which are weak at best.
        2. The horrible effect that the £B’s has on those who should know better, but get beaten into a state of passivity when that carrot starts to swing to and fro and whispers promises of golden futures.
        If, as has been touted, AS is the White Knight to Saatchi’s Darth Vader then we will only exchange one illness for another.

      • am said

        I worry more about his partner. How are things at Cuckoo Cottage? Money helps I suppose …

  9. Ariston anon said

    What’s with art ‘agents’? Like “Humbrol council estates, Turner prize 2012, mark my words, monster monster”??

  10. SpammyDavisJnr said

    The Baltic ? My fave show there was Beryl Cook, she’s brilliant. I’d do her

  11. The Turner Prize is a load of old shit – I should know, I’ve done plenty of shits in my time to recognise it when I see it.

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