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The Brits Are Coming!!!

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 12, 2011

The Brits are coming! Get that theme tune on from Chariots of Fire! Roll out Jarvis Cocker! Bring on Sir Trevor McDonald! Unveil Matthew Slotover for yet another perfectly-worded interview that reveals jack shit! Yes, here’s another article from our cousins over the pond getting all excited about what is apparently the art world’s biggest rumour: that the Frieze Art Fair is going to open in New York and blow the back doors down off the Armory.

We reckon it’s true and that it’s game over for the Armory’s joyless piers. But then again so does everybody else who has spotted the self-styled “Slot-machine” modelling his Billy Reid velvet tailoring around Margot’s caff recently and repeatedly shouting “Let’s roll!” at the waitress. You didn’t hear it here first (in a very real sense).

9 Responses to “The Brits Are Coming!!!”

  1. anon said

    Since when were Jessie Washburne-Harris and her idiot husband authorities on anything?

  2. am said

    Does Matthew Slotover take a long time to come?

  3. public schoolboys said

    “your a big art fair but your out of shape” Look what he did to Alf Roberts!

  4. Gifty said

    Give him some credit for being creative. Most male dealers when they hit the mid-life crisis just grow a mullet, ditch the wife and then go on the pull at the RCA degree show.

  5. am said

    He sells space in a small brand. All of the interesting tension in the situation comes from the extent to which people with other values are prepared to let things run on. For instance the obvious crass stupidity of last year’s fair left dignified/respectable dealers looking isolated – neat, that’s the affect that’s being built on (money terror as well, of course). Wasn’t The Independent just prep. work?

    • Johnny Boy said

      Erm. What?!! This comment doesn’t make sense to be honest. I’m not a particular suporter of Frieze per se… but I am a supporter of well written argument.
      What crass stupidity are you talking about? What do you mean isolated? What about The Independent? Crikey mate, what the FUCK are you talking about?

      Clarify these points, man.

      • Quite.


      • am said

        That’s what Frieze is, a small brand. For dealers (which MS is not) the process of trying to flog the occasional decent work at the fair last year must have been made harder by the atmosphere (worse than usual, just really bad – fairish (to do with facile performance, general sprawling unresolved curated rubbish, simon fujiyama, of course)). If they weren’t undermined then there was something wrong with them. I get that you don’t get that Johnny, perhaps you’re dim (although I don’t per se think you are). CoS is now broadening his/her blogging base and has an expansionist line in super-contentious Ai Weiwei support. After some consideration the quotable CoS has determined that there are two ways for galleries to proceed … of course, if the Chinese determined that Ai Weiwei was a terrorist that would pave the way for a U.S.A. sponsored execution which would sort things out nicely.

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