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Posted by cathedralofshit on May 18, 2011

This is a great idea. Charge artists ‘as little as’ £50 (up to £145) a week for representation and dress it up as philanthropy. The genius behind this scam, in his own words: “Samir Ceric, ‘Kingmaker’ of creative talent and the colourful founder behind Salon Contemporary (including Artist of the Week, Curator of the Month and Best of British competitions), Wolf & Badger and First Wednesdays (erm, is this a bit like First Thursdays only, erm, a day before?), now launches DEBUT Contemporary, having already discovered some of the big names of the new Young British Art movement in the past decade….”
And you thought Harry Barry was a cunt? More here, suckers:

19 Responses to “‘Kingmaker’”

  1. eat shit said

    The only artists stupid enough to fall for this nonsense are fucking terrible anyway by the looks of it

  2. Fumer said

    These people actually have dog shit for brains…

  3. Dave bum said

    Looks like a press photo from some dreadful E4 sitcom.

  4. Gifty said

    Come up and look at my etchings

  5. Chas & Damian said

    Lighten up. First Wednesdays is a brilliant idea. I need some fucking cushions.

  6. Byron Getwunfree said

    Two Points:

    No one in the right mind would take a gallery based in Notting Hill seriously

    The artists who join up are as much as cunts as the gallerists. Effectively shooting themselves in the foot before they have begun. Desperate indeed. They are probably all posh anyway

    • Queenmaker said

      neither of your points make any sense. I don’t know how many artists you actually know and lived with for past 15 years but it is gallerists job NOT to take the advantage of them. ‘Desperate’ (your word not mine) some may be, but wouldn’t you be graduating and not having a ‘steady’ income? trust me I know this place better than anyone does. It is wrong what they are doing and calling the artists cunts makes you one too.

  7. Muggins said

    Cradle snatchers and kunt makers more like

  8. Hobby rigger said

    With names like”twinkle trouton” yes rich kids who don’t know better – it would b hilarious if it was a fictional joke but this terrible thing is for real – pls stop paying the guy he’s clearly con artist!!!

  9. jean said

    Too many disgusting brainless people parachuting in contemporary art those days…
    Has anyone seen that dreadful BBC programme, “Show me the Monet”? Utterly ludicrous…
    back to Mr. Ceric’s ‘brilliant idea’…. that happens when a former handball-player-eco-activist-airline-entrepreneur decides to reinvent as gallerist = Charles Saatchi met Tony Ryan met Wayne Rooney met Zac Goldsmiths met Brüno “baron cohen”… MY KINGDOM FOR A DECENT GALLERIST!

  10. mistermagnet said

    kingmaker? he will take your money and run run run. At least Charles Saatchi is er, Charles Saatchi.

  11. Ruggles said

    And their website stinks. This is where the vain, shallow star-fuckers of the art world deserve to be.

  12. Hobby Rigger said

    The funniest organisation that has ever set up a gallery, please can they be on TV for real on E4, please, I will pay £1 per week to help them make it.

  13. Jesus said

    HILARIOUS! Samir Ceric is a total cunt.

  14. It’s a 3 month Rolling contract, and you have to give a months notice before you cancel.

    I am glad I got some good advice and STAYED WELL AWAY.

    No hanging out in the art laboratory for me, I’m just going to hang at the beach bar with Micheal Winner

  15. notquitesure said

    Actually if you look up First Wednesdays you’ll find that it’s not Samir “kingmaker” Ceric – that’s sounds too funny whichever way it’s put – who launched it! You’ll also find if you dig deep enough, that the only thing that chap did is have a gallery. Anything remotely innovative would take an equal amount of cognitive output. So all those credits mentioned by some outraged folks are all misinformed aside the curator thing and best of british which have actually been good exhibitions, having attended a few.

    **anyone that says a gallery shouldn’t be taken seriously just because it’s in Notting Hill is a moron. Art belongs to everyone rich or poor, posh or chav so save your idiotic rants for anyone as, well, dence as you.

    The man might be first class crook but let’s keep cool heads. Ranting aimlessly and without facts is just plain silly.

    • Hobby Rigger said

      The point is Notquitesure that it is Samir Ceric that calls himself the Kingmaker, the founder of First Wednesdays and so on – just look at the Debut contemporary website and blog – so he’s even more dubious as he makes these claims!

  16. Ooops said

    I got scammed….Lets bring this fucker down!!!!!

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