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Well thanks for wrecking my evening…

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 24, 2011

Anybody else enjoy Jonathan Jones’s emotional Richard II-styleeee “I am a man, I have feelings etc” meltdown on Guardian arts blog yesterday evening? Nope, you were probably watching television or doing normal things. But not our man, Jones. He began with a review that slagged off off Mark Leckey’s Serpentine show with a stream of largely incomprehensible shouty statements about not liking green and hating Leckey. The bloggers Ortho and stodulky pointed out that this was a bit odd because back in 2008 Jonesy had raved about Leckey in a review for the same paper. Jonesy then explained that after that first review he had changed his mind and had a bit of a row with Leckey. The Guardian bloggers put two and two together and came up with, erm, four, and suggested that the “row” might have explained Jonesy’s dramatic change of mind.

Cue total breakdown from our man Jones in a series of increasingly moving blog-postings that culminated in three crazy ones which followed each other without any intervention from the other bloggers
Our favourite one was this:
Now look.
I respect comments and reply to them. But see here. I am – as you can see – in the room. I am not a distant, absent figure
And you are basically implying, unless I misread you, that I have a personal agenda for this review, it, that it is corrupt.
Well thanks for wrecking my evening”
What we want to know is exactly what room was our avuncular critic in? His front room in his boxers with a bottle of Bell’s half-drunk,bashing the keyboard through the fog of indignant tears? Who knows, but its compelling stuff. Come back Jonesy! We love you! Well we don’t really, but at least you’re not as bad as those jokers at The Observer.


One Response to “Well thanks for wrecking my evening…”

  1. slagroom said

    very much enjoyed it; read it this evening. Poor old Jonesy, trying to earn a crust, proclaiming that he actually spends his time writing books about the renaissance which to be fair is probably what he’d prefer to be doing.
    I didn’t see the Leckey show but given what i have seen of Leckey, Jonesy is probably pretty much on the money.
    but I think only Sewell gets away with writing thunderous slag-offs nearly every day. Jonesy has to make nice.

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