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Mostyn Just In…

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 28, 2011

Not only does PR Mostyn Open Prize Winners 20113 press release contain high quality gibberish, but also prompts the following…

1) is Richard Wentworth high on alcopops? “how great it is to see those 5 young creative lives flare up in a group flame – may they (and the others) burn very very bright.”
2) why can’t 3 judges actually judge and pick an outright winner without lame excuses?
3) Mr Wentworth, sculpture prof at RCA, Vasilis Asimakopoulous, sculpture graduate at RCA. Hmm.
4) Isn’t Fern Thomas, one of the winners, Karen McKinnon’s assistant at the Glynn Viv gallery?
5) Dont worry, it’s in Wales, no one gives a shit.

And, hang on, maths time. The Mostyn got nearly 1200 entries at £20 a pop = £24k

Minus the prize money = £14k

Even with 49 artists pocketing the ‘generous’ artist fee of £60 (£3k total) and with masking tape costs, a few nibbles and cheap bottled lager, that leaves £11k floating around Snowdonia.
At least they wont go short in Venice. Bring on the ash cloud!

14 Responses to “Mostyn Just In…”

  1. Gnomemansland said

    Ah yes these bloody opens have been a scandal for years with their so called ‘admin’ fees which as you so nimbly point out more than covers their prize money and then some. They are all the same.
    We should do a random open – everyone pays a £15 admin fee, the artist is selected at random (not by some knob head panel of self important twats) and gets the dosh.

  2. Andy Warhole said

    Can I add fucking Bloomberg new fucking contemporaries to this? £20 fee aimed at student mugs YEAR AFTER BLOODY YEAR. Because Bloomberg are obviously a bit skint and really need the cash…

  3. Fumer said

    Errr the National Lottery…

  4. ApplesAndPears said

    The most galling thing about the Mostyn Open is that they frame it around all this tosh about not seeing CVs or names, and it being judges an anonymous jpeg portfolio of work alone. When in fact the judges have obviously asked some favourites to apply and made sure they remember what their work looks like so they can ‘anonymously’ pick it. What a bunch of fucks. But even worst, hypocritical fucks.

    And yes, McKinnon:

  5. Sonny 16 said

    It might also be worth mentioning how badly organised it has been- as one of the selected artists I was not notified until two weeks after the notification date, followed by an email stating my work was not selected, and being told of the fee of “£60 towards your travel and accommodation costs” in an email at 11.07pm the night before the opening, which didn’t leave much time for buying cheap advance train tickets. At least I can honestly claim to have no relationship, professional or otherwise with any of the selectors…

  6. am said

    Richard Wentworth is a pernicious twat.

  7. N.Kozin said

    this stuff should be regulated like gambling

  8. Sod u said

    Northern art prize… Selected by girlfriend awarded by curator friend…

  9. slagroom said

    i like that random open idea. it’s do-able. why not. who’s up for it?

  10. CAP said


  11. CAP said

    I am available for snap judgements on a modest fee.

  12. warpig corp said

    the only real art on show was Dime One’s graffiti piece, truly modern art in its most literal sense. Some very interesting pieces within the competition field, but some head shaking awful pieces aswell, wont single any other pieces of work out, that aint my job, thankfully, and if it was……. well…….best left unsaid ; )
    and the ramblings off a pre retirement Barlow- was anyone listening? nope. Wentworth? despite wanting to sound unbiased, clearly was to his artfag wannabees, shocking. Open? ha! Closed. due to being bunged up.
    rant over.

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