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Brothers in Arms…

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 12, 2011

Never content with taking a back seat when it comes to publicity for Lisson’s (or all, for that matter) artists, Anish Kapoor has come out asking the art world to unite against the powers that have imprisoned Ai Weiwei (WE ALREADY WERE).

Willing to go to any lengths to stay in the broadsheets, Kapoor has not only dedicated a sculpture from his new show to Ai, but has also been seen boarding a plane bound for Beijing holding what look like placards saying “I hate the Chinese Government”, and “Come and Have A Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough”.

All at Cathedral of Shit wish him well in his attempts to join Weiwei in the headlines prison. Now THAT’S solidarity….

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The Brits Are Coming!!!

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 12, 2011

The Brits are coming! Get that theme tune on from Chariots of Fire! Roll out Jarvis Cocker! Bring on Sir Trevor McDonald! Unveil Matthew Slotover for yet another perfectly-worded interview that reveals jack shit! Yes, here’s another article from our cousins over the pond getting all excited about what is apparently the art world’s biggest rumour: that the Frieze Art Fair is going to open in New York and blow the back doors down off the Armory.

We reckon it’s true and that it’s game over for the Armory’s joyless piers. But then again so does everybody else who has spotted the self-styled “Slot-machine” modelling his Billy Reid velvet tailoring around Margot’s caff recently and repeatedly shouting “Let’s roll!” at the waitress. You didn’t hear it here first (in a very real sense).

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Turner Round, Bright Eyes….

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 4, 2011

It’s that time again. The 2011 Turner Prize shortlist is upon us and this year’s super-groan is exclusively reserved for Mr George Shaw. It’s not the first time we’ve pointed out he’s made the same painting for the last 15 years, (or is it 150, it sure feels like it). The others, well, actually… not bad?
Our money for an on-the-nose win is on the ever-cool Hilary Lloyd following her Raven Row show, but we may bung a cool fiver each way on Martin Boyce and Karla Black.

We’ve a feeling The Sun’ll love Shaw’s working-class-friendly paintings of council estates, and be a little less enthusiastic about Karla’s giant piles o’ mud.

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Flog It!

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 3, 2011

The shady role that auction houses play in never-ending booming and busting wild-west industry of art is worth serious journo action. Over in the USA they have intense, brooding ex-academic Noah Horowitz writing ‘Art of the Deal’. Over here in Blightly we get ex-contestant on Celebrity The Weakest Link and occasional arts commentator Miranda Sawyer.
Her programme last night on Radio 4 on Christies was less of a rigorous expose of the auction house and more soft-soaping its balls whilst simultaneous patting it on the back (try it, it’s fun!). We heard the delightful Miranda profess her love for “Chris Offali” and remark in wonder how Christies’s pile-em-high pre-auction shows were “curated” – although this seemed to mean that they bunged all the yBa stuff in one corner and all the other stuff in the other corner. We heard Brian Sewell drawl about the positively sexual excitement of the auction room. We heard Sarah Thornton state it would be a “baaaaad idea” to sell all your 40 Gursky’s at once (take note Victor!). We heard from a random collector that sticking your paddle up late in a sale is a good trick. We heard that master of diplomacy Matthew Slotover suggest that auction-houses might be a bit of bad thing, but not a totally bad thing and that most collectors were polite elderly people who’d been putting a bit of their savings away for 60 years. But the best bit was allowing some fruity-toned chap from Christie’s insist that all artists really quite liked auctions – after all Tracey and Damien do pop by from time to time. Thank god for that! There we were thinking it was all about market manipulation and encouraging speculators to either buy or dump works at random thereby really fucking up artist’s careers.

We can’t wait for the follow-up “De Pury: I’m just a mis-understood, ordinary guy with a warehouse full of unsold Chinese art” next Sunday.

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Mark Leckie was not worried that it will inevitably be compared with Hurst, Emin, McQueen and other stars of British art

Posted by cathedralofshit on May 3, 2011

“Yeah. But Turner Prize glorified is not committed to the strict morals!”:

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Posted by cathedralofshit on May 3, 2011

“Hello, we are Coney. We’re an agency of play that create meaningful adventures for diverse audiences. We make multi-platform narratives,
often with a live theatrical element, that are designed to excite audiences and to encourage them to engage with topics on a deeper level.”

Coney have recently gained the support of ACE becoming a National Portfolio Organisation. They are doing this in the West Midlands – a region of Britain whose residents are clearly deemed too stupid to engage with anything without it involving some element of infantilism.

Their most recent project encourages participants to engage in an ‘Art Heist’ – offering “a hands-on exploration of the art gallery and the value of art objects by letting them plan and execute their very own forgery and art heist.”
(more here:

Sometimes I think we make this up.

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