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Leckey vs Jones

Posted by cathedralofshit on June 6, 2011

We’ve just caught up on the debate between Jonathan Jones and Mark Leckey following JJ’s trouncing of the show. I know, we’re super late, but after we posted about it HERE it just went on and on.
Mr Leckey himself pipes in on comment page 3, with Matthew Collings chipping in with his usual brand of general-public-friendly art bashing saying, well, what exactly? (we’re very much enjoying the unedited rants of our ‘favourite’ art critics – we’re sure at this point an editor would have written “What’s the POINT of THIS, Matthew?”).
The best comment came from artist Alessandro Raho, who simply adds “Fiorucci made me hardcore was an auroral gateway out of the pig pen of YBA”.
Right on, brother.

5 Responses to “Leckey vs Jones”

  1. am said

    in stoke newington (an accident) I passed a person who was an exact morphing of Jones with leckey. It was wearing an enormous white adidas shell-suit with beautiful green stripes, clutching a Heineken and its entire physiognomy was to the left and it looked like an effect from Total Recall; Oh, and it had a cleft brain and it had Aessandro Raho’s tiny cock in its mouth.

  2. Pm said

    Alessandro Raho does not have a small cock. It may look like he has because he is very tall.

  3. Ruggles said

    Good for Leckey to go on the forum and have his say, but the fact is that Jones was justified in his criticism of this disappointing show. The two new works felt very shallow and lacked the nous and intelligence of previous work. Showing them next to FMMH just exposed their weaknesses even more.

  4. Sandy said

    Sorry for not being funny but my comment is that Mark Leckey’s show was just insultingly bad, his mockney whinging about being from the “undergrahhhnd” is tiresome and… not true, and his relentless use of other people’s music and footage only proves just how little creative talent the man has, and his cynical appropriation of talents like Jacob Epstein only proves how shallow and gullible the likes of HUO really are

    And Matthew Collins should have been shot for his sycophantic sliming over twats like Martin Creed/p

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