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The Terrible Beauty of Andrew Nairne

Posted by cathedralofshit on June 7, 2011

Okay we were tipped off about this by one of our lovely readers, but who could be failed to be tremendously moved by Andrew Nairne’s tweets from Venice? In haunting haiku-like phrases the Director of Arts Strategy at ACE spake thus:

The white marble of church facades, dark cyprus trees, soft red brick and plaster walls. Devotion. Saints. Miracles.

Nelson: so serious, so determined. Catches in your throat, reveals worlds of trade, survival, belief you will never know

Dinner for 100 guests in a gorgeous palazzo, gilded candelabra reflected in vast mirros. Now more guests in courtyard below. Magical

Palanca -wonderful long lunch with BC and GLA colleagues, discussing future collaborations. Venice looking glorious in sun

An unkind reader did write in and suggest that Andrew might use his poetic muse to fashion something like:

Public money? Fuck it. Pass me another bellini. The terrible beauty. Violent, violet sunset over my luxurious pudding. Ploppety plop.

5 Responses to “The Terrible Beauty of Andrew Nairne”

  1. gonemansland said

    When did Venice become this enormous tax payer funded jolly or was it always thus?

  2. HT said

    You should hear him on his evening bus ride home to Stoke Newington…

  3. JJ Charlesworth said

    What a cunt.

    Abolish Arts Council. Sack all bureaucrats. Get Andrew Nairne, Liz Forgan and Alan Davey proper jobs in Burger King.

  4. […] thing the Director of Arts Strategy for Arts Council England is not too busy to come up with gems like these on […]

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