Cathedral of Shit

has taken a well earned GAP year

Bold indeed.

Posted by cathedralofshit on June 13, 2011

COS favourite art muppet Hannah Barry is currently looking for patrons for her next car park thing.. Bold Tendencies has gone all “non profit” and she is looking for support.. We at COS urge each and everyone one of our readers to support the cause. We don’t think there has been a more just and needy cause since Parasol Unit’s ‘curator’/founder Ziba de Weck (and wife of Pierre de Weck, Head of Private Wealth Management at Deutsche Bank) started asking people to support her folly leading institution.

This year, Barry is taking the same curatorial approach of shipping in artists nominated by a “curatorial council” rather than using her own artists as in previous years. Presumably someone advised her that she can’t tell her arse from her elbow when it comes to art.

14 Responses to “Bold indeed.”

  1. Poly Stapler said

    And I hope this year she treats the artists with a bit more respect.. I heard from a few of them that works got damaged and she did not give a fuck unless she thought she could sell them..

  2. n mystry said





    • Silly Nancy said

      Yes Nancy Durant – I do wonder why you there in a car park Peckham – nothing do to car parks or peckham – more that I presume you must have at least half a brain and yet by doing this little video you are adding to belief that HB is in someway credible..

      HB best skill is her ability to get press coverage.. the rest is bullshit.. come on.. surely you can see she is charlatan..

  3. Emily toothpick said

    I just made the mistake of looking at her plebsite – how depressing,
    she is Hannah Barry ‘THE BRAND’ – and she is economy beans, lidl orange squash and tripe. ergh!
    what awful people

  4. Hannah Fanny said

    Yeah the approach of letting other people curate didn’t really work out very well last year, the work looked like dog shit, even from the good artists. HB is total magic!

    Also don’t forget that daughter of Gormless himself and notorious white reggae troll Paloma Gormley designed the bar for the roof. This year an email went round asking for unpaid helpers to ‘raise the roof’ of the bar for the opening. In exchange for a feast of boiled egg sandwiches or something


    Raise the roof!

    Gormley style!

    Get your cast iron cocks out people!

  5. Byron Getwunfree said

    I hate to harp on about it. But in her list of 25 artists she has only one woman. What’s that about ? Is she keeping her options open?

  6. Miranda Slanda said

    As Andrew Nairne said: In the park, bird song and Tai chi. Far off a skate boarder skims by, a perfect line – singular, maverick

  7. Mealy Mouth said

    I’ve found someone to rival the stupidity of Hannah Barry..

    Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce Julia Alvarez…

  8. Matthew Collings said

    Hannah Barry’s Critical Criteria:


  9. Fumer said

    One the one hand I want to kill her…

    And on the other, I want to kill her…

  10. Conny Taylor said

    Lets face it Julia Alvarez and Hilary Crisp are absolutely up there with dirty Barry. Alvarez just set up the South London Art map purely for her own self promotion and Crisp basically curates whateva her lovely husband tells her!

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