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“We’re part of a new generation” (of idiots).

Posted by cathedralofshit on June 17, 2011


How To Let The World Know You Are Stupid.

19 Responses to ““We’re part of a new generation” (of idiots).”

  1. mysterical said

    toffs united

  2. Dave bum said

    I wish i was young, and had a hair cut.

  3. nazirtanbouli said


  4. Where is this gallery? I’m SOOOOOOOOOO there! There’s a connection between cave painting and their painters, apparently.

  5. Gifty said

    How many times can you say ‘interesting’

  6. nm said

    were weally interested in sculpchaa

    (hands rubbed together, eyeballs furrowed, lets make thousands selling art from barely-baked careers, and give not a sod to their long term interests, one only has to look at that debut contemporary nonsense ( to see more of the same, scummy posh twats who see art dealing as nice hobby and use a daddy-funded spaces in pricey neighbourhoods to try it out)

  7. Ruggles said

    I love the bit where haircut boy is talking about painting from the 15th century and it cuts to that awful wobbly hands picture. Pimms anyone?

  8. Byron Getwunfree said

    Is that Bob and Roberta Smith i see in the crowd ? A man who’s work has not changed in a million years. That’s a another good reason not to go there besides the bleedin’ obvious

  9. n/m/ said

    oh yeah, the brill beak was protruding out a mile, how did i miss that!?

    my favourite bit is when the camera pans up the girls body and then cuts to a zoom into a dark opening, ooh the saucy little boy that edited that film

  10. Taffeta Glean said

    George “Lionel” Barker used to be in a band called The Fucks. I’m just sayin’.

  11. Fumer said

    OK, now I really wish there was a serial killer stalking the neo-conservatives in the art world – any volunteers? PLEAZZZZE and start with those 2…

    And this isn’t funny…

    What’s clear is this shift to ‘painting and sculpture’ (i.e. making and process as touted by Charles Scratchy, Hannah Barbarian et al – which is more of the neo-conservatives ramping up their domination of all things; art, cycling, food, social housing, education etc) is really because they are too stupid and lazy to actually work out what art is and can be (on any level other than the increase in their capital value) – it’s these cunts who wait outside art schools saying “Get in the car little boy and come and play in my shiny white room” – just like the peados did in the old days…

    EUGH!!!! Why oh why don’t we do something?

    Like go to Chelsea in a big van, wearing balaclavas armed with spray paint and hammers and do the Scratchy gallery in… I mean totally smash the shit hole to bits…

    A bit like this…

    • out said

      and who are you fuckwit? why don’t you tell us what art is or could be instead of bleating on about shit you obviously don’t know about…
      here’s what art could be… hunting cunts like you down and caving your miserable head in with a bat… would that get me into your show? would that get me into your gallery? would that get me into your house so i could fuck your mother?
      probably not as i reckon you and people like you have nothing good to say about anything… even more reson to track you down and put you out of your misery in doing so putting everyone who comes into contact with your vitriol out of theirs too

      fucking dick head

  12. Conny Taylor said

    These peope are completely clueless in every single way: “interesting yourg emerging artists” they say nothing, they are total cunts – and yes they don’t understand anything beyond the old fashioned notions of art – it’s depressing.

  13. fuck said

    these twats dont know shit about shit. DIE scum DIE!! good riddence to shit rubbish

  14. You raging morons said

    “Like go to Chelsea in a big van, wearing balaclavas armed with spray paint and hammers and do the Scratchy gallery in… I mean totally smash the shit hole to bits…” or “these twats dont know shit about shit. DIE scum DIE!! good riddence to shit rubbish”.

    a. Your English grammar and spelling makes me think you didn’t make it past primary school
    b. Your statements are borderline sociopathic
    c. Perhaps, instead of trying to be a challenged offspring of Vice Magazine, if you are so concerned about the state of the art world, why don’t you actually try raising your own artist communes in warehouses or start your own gallery or magazine?
    d. Does your mother know you are using the internet??

  15. out said

    you’re ALL bitter cunts and YOU should ALL die

  16. Damien Cursed said

    Ok so the key here is that “Out” is the gallery owner (or George from the ‘punk’ bande the Fecks) from this new generation n he seems a bit angry n dat. Chill out captain u is just so avante garde that none of us get your shit yet but with that bob n Roberta guy in da show u is sorted cos he def the future u is up there with that Debut Con Temporary – anover misunderstood experimental new generation of da future type ting – u get me?

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