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Calling Budding Artists!

Posted by cathedralofshit on June 29, 2011

There you go, for years no-one in the airline industry gives a fig about the dear world of contemporary art (no, we have no idea where this is going either) and then suddenly two airplanes turn up at once! Like the congested flight-paths over Heathrow, like the frantic jostling of art-lovers at the Stansted oyster-bar en route to the Ryanair flight to Venice (Treviso), our airspace is suddenly totally rammed up!

Okay, we realise this isn’t that interesting but its summer and stories are slow. But here’s our Tracey launching her thing with British Airways.

We love the bit about art being “the new church” – presumably Tracey means chronically under-funded, poorly-attended and filled with dubious middle-aged chaps who like to “teach youngsters”.

And Emirates are also launching some competition called the “Skywards Future Artists Competition” where young artists get the chance to serve canapes buck-naked to new Middle-Eastern collectors in business class en route to Art Dubai (or something like that, we didn’t bother to read the strangely aggressive press release in too much detail).

Are you a young artist “just entering the field”? Or are you are old artist who has never shown their work? If so, this is just the “ticket” (geddit?)

We told you it was dull. Let’s get back to talking about Picture This!

3 Responses to “Calling Budding Artists!”

  1. pool of piss said

  2. Jan Hammer said

    it’s time like these i start dreaming of an art 9/11

  3. artoutlaw said

    Remember when Tracey was an artist rather than a brand? now she just gives her name to anything and everything that will bring in the cash. Maybe Tesco will ask her to be the face of their 3 for 2 offer on colouring books next.

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