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And The Beat Goes On…

Posted by cathedralofshit on June 30, 2011

It seems there are still issues at the ICA despite people being generally supportive of the new boss, Gregor Muir.

Apparently the VAT bill for hires is huge and the VAT wasn’t charged back to the clients leaving the ICA’s finances in a very poor state, though not that this is anything new. Apparently it’s a little like groundhog day in the accounts department.

Staff are being culled but those at the top are not taking any cuts to their substantial salaries, which is great news for Karen Turner who after working as a consultant for the ICA and being responsible for the first wave of redundancies, is now the MD and responsible for a second wave.

Soon there will be no one left to sack and the ICA will be a nice building on The Mall that you can hire for weddings and Conservative Party events, without any VAT to pay at all.

And so it goes…

7 Responses to “And The Beat Goes On…”

  1. Gnomemansland said

    Does anyone (apart from wedding guests) still go the ICA?

  2. razzledazzle said

    Karen Turner is Managing Director!!!! What is she directing I thought she was Director of Strategy, what has she changed job title for obviously cause her strategy did not work and does not wanna take the blame for the current mess…I also notice that a big wall has been knocked Don’t you see the Irony demolish the place bit by bit!!!

  3. desmondtutu666 said

    She (karen turner) is a despicable and amoral creature

  4. ben said

    Anyone know why Gregor has it in for Andrew Collins (and Josie Long) on twitter? Hasn’t he better things to do than abuse hapless DeeJays?

  5. Jan Hammer said

    do they do conceptually wanky weddings that cost a fortune but no one goes to. same old ICA

  6. yellowwednesday said

    let me see if i’ve got this straight, sometime a year or so ago the ICA realises Ekow Eshun and his banker mate are a disaster, so call in consultants who fire half the staff and give themselves plush new jobs. Now turns out dream consultant, Karen Turner’s ‘vision’ hasn’t worked after all and she’s firing the other half of the staff – you couldn’t make it up! Perhaps if Karen Turner had taken the time to listen to the staff in the first place, when they were telling her that no one in the accounts department could add up and that they spent their time eating biscuits and playing solitaire, then she might not be in the mess she’s in now where it turns out her staff ‘forgot’ to charge anyone VAT (!), but instead all she could think about was her plummy new post and all the accolades she’d receive for ‘saving the ICA’ – nice work!

  7. Laverne said

    Looks like the staff are in for another round of it.

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