Cathedral of Shit

has taken a well earned GAP year


Posted by cathedralofshit on August 22, 2011

Hard times at the Arts Council. Forced to make a 50% cut in administration costs over the next two years, Andrew ‘Twitter’ Nairne, current Executive Director for Arts at ACE, has addressed the problem by… leaving. Andrew is to be the new Director of Kettle’s Yard, a potato crisp factory in Cambridge where he began his career in the early 1980s. Andrew is taking a massive pay cut in the process but then Cambridge’s fine gothic architecture will provide better inspiration for his tweets that Stoke Newington ever did.
Keep on tweeting Andrew, keep the poetry alive.

47 Responses to “Potato”

  1. ben varney said

    oh god

  2. Gifty said

    The flight of the Curatateiat of Stamford Hill/Upper Clapton/East Stokey has started. The riots arent all bad then. It’s the smart move for him. The one thing missing from his CV is running a collection based organisation so four years in Cambridge then a pop at the Tate when Serota retires. Cecily Browns all round.

  3. Gnomemansland said

    Maybe Serota can go back to the Whitechapel which since its ‘upgrade’ is good for a game of hide and seek and that is about it….

    • Gifty said

      Maybe Channel 4 will do a Gallery Directors version of ‘Wife Swap’ with Iwona and Nick changing positions for a week.

  4. Miranda Slanda said

    I think we can all agree about how effective Andrew has been at the Arts Council.

  5. Gifty said

    I spoke to soon as I see Drawing Room/Tannery-UBS Warburg are quitting ‘ackney for Southwark. No more ironic street parties for the hardened yoof of De Beauvoir Town. You can’t expect the funders to hoik it all the way from Westminster to now afterall.

    • am said

      on their website (Drawing Room’s) are some of the most miserable photographs from their permanent fund raiser. In the one of Patrick Brill I estimate that he now has 5 chins. Iwona looks as though she has the intelligence of just one of them. Mary Doyle looks as though she had been dropped by a cat but is still worried that the sausage rolls will not hold out. They will bring pocketable misery to Bermondsey.

      • Gifty said

        In ten years time they will be occupying a portacabin on the edge of the still vacant lot where the Tate Modern extension was supposed to go.

    • artheist said

      and this is not true: ‘Drawing Room is the only public, non-profit, gallery in the UK and Europe dedicated to the investigation and presentation of international contemporary drawing.’
      they are just the only one that is big and has lots of £.
      anyway i a glad they are gone outta my hood.

  6. Morlock said


  7. fumer said

    Talking of potatoes, the monks in the Mosque of Manure haven’t dug up any of late… Are you observing a vow of silence?

    • am said

      just when you think cos has fucked off she comes back with a glorious whooping .. like a slight intake of air… late October.

  8. Hannah Barry said

    Is this the end of this vile so-called “blog”? I do hope so 😉 LOL

  9. Ekow Eshun said

    So do I.

  10. Gifty said

    White Cube off to Bermondsey as well. It’s like an episode of ‘Relocation, Relocation, Relication’

  11. drunk boy said

    saw twatter nerne outside the first site gallery the other week at the opening all alone and shuned by the world waiting for a few cronies to hope into a cab,

  12. Mosstop said

    R.I.P. COS

  13. fumer said

    Dear Cos,

    Have you died?



  14. Miranda Slanda said

    Julie Lomax’s Twitter Account (@JulieLomax) is worth $5.47 USD.

  15. Gnomemansland said

    Really missing the shit – especially with all the turds in town for the art fair.

    • fumer said

      Yeah, Frieze weak… That tent in The Regents Park is like a giant nappy, what with all those turds on the lose…

  16. fumer said

    While the the cats away, why don’t we mice play guess who CoS really are?

  17. Ralph Rugoff said

    I reckon its been a great use of taxpayers cash to persuade Kanye to play tonight.

  18. fumer said

    And Poppers* has got that friend Giles Rind (or something), I bet they are being run my Maureen Paley as art world provocateurs.

    *Apparently his effects set in very quickly, within a few seconds – they include decrease in blood pressure, headache, flushing of the face, increased heart rate, dizziness, and relaxation of involuntary muscles – and disappear soon after…

  19. am said

    ANYTHING for a dinner.
    I had Cerith Wynn Evans as Cos: that last bit of functionality given over to dictation.

  20. fumer said

    How about Richard Hamilton? He died, and then so did CoS…

  21. mirandaslanda said

    First Julie…who apparently is currently Director of Visual Arts for the Arts Council England, not just London. Rats! Ship! Sinking!

  22. dallas said

    RIP Cathedral of shit, you’ll be sorely missed…you took us through the hard times, and gave us a shoulder to lean on, and especially we had some good times, with the free booze….. but more importantly you lit the spark of hope …please return xx

  23. Suzanne said

    Come back, CoS. I’m begging you. I just got an email from Pertwee Anderson & Gold suggesting I join the Rothschild Supper Club and someone needs to cover all this inane crap.

  24. Ruggles said

    its sarah mcrory and some nob who works for frieze. they were warned off posting anymore and are being well-behaved, obedient little art worlders.

  25. We would like to encourage everyone to get creative and use Julie as inspiration to make some little works of art!

  26. Jermy Duller said

    Yes that is also what I heard – COS has been outed as Sarah Mcrory and that kid who works at frieze! Losers!

  27. That kid who works at Frieze said

    Yes, it’s me!

  28. magicians said

    The comments are even better than the post itself. Good mice, play while the cat is away!

  29. No, it was me!

  30. shitshovel said

    Gap year? Does this mean COS is soon to return all the wiser, with beads in its hair and a passion for fire poi?

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